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    Mrs Scape wants me to enjoy a bike-related 50th birthday pressy. My dodgy hip precludes us spunking a load of cash on a Sierra Nevada or Alpine style trip in case I’m not fit enough to enjoy it when the time comes. However, a bit of googling has come up with a workable compromise, which would be to spend some time in Scotland and include a day’s one-to-one coaching. So, Google throws up Ridelines at Inners/Glentress. Are these guys worth a punt? We can sort accommodation and take either of the bikes, will they turn me from a “get round the red in one piece and mince some of the easier black bits” type into a trail warrior?


    have a look at ‘sickskills’, it is ran by Ben Cathro, a world cup downhill racer, he’s a very nice lad and have heard nothing but good things about his coaching (know a few people on a team he helps). I recently won a days training with him but haven’t used it yet but it should be promising.

    Look sickskills up on facebook and the information should be there.

    Edit: Here’s a link to his website.
    sick skills


    Richmtbguru is full of advice…….

    Great present idea!

    There are a few options around Inners / GT, usual rec’s are Andy at Dirtschool and a different Andy at Ridelines. Both are really good. Give them a call for a chat – they’re both bike mad.

    Nothwind off here has got / or paid for courses from both afaik, both come recommended for different styles.

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    Where do you live?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Was that the Northwindphone?

    I’ve done more with Dirtschool than Ridelines, but yep, both brilliant and both different. What I reckon is, Andy Barlow at Dirtschool’s a great coach, basically you take along your goals and he gives you tools but it’s much more down to you to make use of that. I don’t think his explanations were always totally helpful tbh but his demos are fantastic, it’s very hands-on and doing-things which works for me.

    Whereas Andy Weir at Ridelines is probably the better teacher, he got me thinking about the mechanics of my riding in a way nobody else has and got me over a couple of what I suppose were comprehension gaps, where I’d never quite figured out what was really going on- that’s a big deal, it’s harder to fix than to teach new skills. If you’ve got people who want to be lifted, rather than want to know how to lift themselves, I reckon they’re the better choice.

    I don’t think you’d regret either though, as long as you take a good head and this is really important make sure you’re on the right level course for you. Also, both were just good days out- it’s not like school 😉


    Richmtbguru is full of advice…….

    Agreed. Pure excellence in the all terrain landscapes.

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    I live in Huddersfieldish.
    Northwind. I fret that I’ll pick the wrong course, so I’ll book a one to one. Thanks for the recommendations.


    I think Ridelines would fit the bill perfectly!

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