MTB shoes for flats for Mrs Sheck – what and where from?

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  • MTB shoes for flats for Mrs Sheck – what and where from?
  • Premier Icon ton

    mrs ton is in the market for something the same.
    whilst away on the bike the other week, a young lady who was touring the country was wearing some hagloffs approach shoes.
    she said they were fantastic for riding with flat pedals, and she was 8 month into a 2 yr tour of the uk.

    going to try and source some for the wife at the weekend.


    How about some Shimano AM41s? I’m thinking about getting some to replace my worn out Karvers.

    Premier Icon sheck

    She doesn’t want “clumpy” 5/10s, but does want something MTB specific

    Any pointers welcome – particularly if they include retailers who might stock some in a size 4!

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Teva Links?
    I have a pair for mooching round in and they are comfy, the flat riding heathens I know seem to think they are fine and dry a lot faster.


    Vans Gravel.


    Teva links or alternatively the new 5:10 Freerider – much sleeker so less of the “golf club” look…….

    Premier Icon sheck

    I had been looking for some teva links, but couldn’t find any online in small sizes

    Dickie, your link doesn’t work

    I had also considered sme of the five ten approach shoes (for a sleeker look) if you find the Haglofs ones Ton could you post a link?


    My missus rides with Teva Links on – loves em. Very similar to my Vans Gravels – neither are that big and clumpy

    Premier Icon FOG

    Been disappointed in my Teva Links. I bought them because I had a pair of Teva normal trainers that were very comfy but the Links while being just as comfy aren’t very grippy. I tend to wear the rather ratty Sombrios which they were bought to replace.


    Ladies Specialized Taho BG MTB Shoes, size 6 UK, 39 EU
    Excellent Condition.
    £30 posted.

    Sorry can’t get the link to work – if interested look back in my history for pictures.


    That link is missing a colon after the “http”.
    Here it is after a colon-oscopy…

    Women’s Tennies
    Much less clumpy that the biking 5.10s and lighter, but the tongue isn’t sown in so they are quite leaky in the wet. Not too much padding though, so they dry quite quickly. Same sticky dotty soles though.

    Premier Icon ton

    sheck, just to let you know, the hagloffs are a very narrow fitting.
    so the wife went for these.
    just been for a spin in them and she says they feel very comfy and grippy.

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