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  • MTB routes/trails in Fife?
  • jekkyl

    The lomonds are 2 hills close together, that’ll be a little drive from you, look northwest of glenrothes, you could combine a trip up n doon both of them and then over to loch leven for a scenic ride. OR the fife coastal path I’ve heard is good but not ridden myself.

    I have the good fortune to be moving to Strathkinness at the end of this month, and one thing that’s always bothered me about the east end of Fife has been it’s apparent flatness. The wife’s parents live in St Andrews and I’ve been there a couple of times with the road bike, but never really seen anything to set my heart aflutter when it comes to offroad stuff. Is there anything within riding distance of Strathkinness, or am I best off heading towards Stirling/Dundee for my offroad fix?

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    +1 for the coastal path especially the part from Shell Bay to Earlsferry. Pitmedden Forest at Muchty has loads of trails, well worth visiting, just Youtube it.

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    We’ll be a couple of miles away from each other; currently Ceres but Peat Inn in mid-September. I’m gradually exploring and finding bits here and there.

    Pitmedden has lots to offer, as has the Lomond Hills above Glenrothes – there’s a couple of quite active clubs in Fife; MukyRiderz (Glenrothes) and Meedies.

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    There’s some stuff in the woods between Blebo and Kemback which does for a quick blast, although it gets pretty grim over winter. As others have said Pitmedden’s got loads of stuff but is something of a maze. Then a bit further afield there’s supposed to be some good stuff in the Sidlaws by Dundee and I think out the back of Perth has stuff too.

    Otherwise there’s little patches here and there but it is mostly just bits and pieces that are hard to link up due to it being all farms.

    The road riding is good though 🙂


    The woods at Kemback/Blebo are where the Uni club tends to ride when they’re not away doing proper hills. Some decent stuff there, most of it short and fairly steep, but good for a couple of hours a week.

    The first sections in the woods of this are all shot there:


    Some easy trails in the woods down at Tentsmuir too.

    Other than that its jump in the car time to the places mentioned above.


    As the others ave said. Lots of stuff and loops that can be put together all around. Kemback, Cupar mount, Lomonds and Glenrothes, Pitmedden, Largo, Leven, Kennoway, Howe of Fife.. so many trails 🙂


    Dont forget Benarty Hill and Blairadam.

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