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  • MTB Rear light – rubber strap-type fitting – suggestions?
  • Premier Icon dawson

    pondering getting a new rear light

    – main criteria is that it needs to be a rubber strap type fitting to allow quick removal/swapping between bikes and not too expensive.

    will be used riding to woods, some lit and some unlit roads.

    I’ve seen some dinky Lezyne lights – are they any good?


    ive got one, seems to do the job. Not that bright so not the best if doing a lot of road riding


    I just bought a load of the 2x 0.5W rear lights from On One to fit each bike. Some cheap AAA batteries and not I don’t have to even think about swapping them or forgetting to. Cost a couple of quid each.

    Premier Icon downhilldave

    I got one of these a couple of months ago. Very bright and Usb rechargeable


    Big fan of Moon stuff here.


    Cateye and buy extra mounts for each of your bikes. Cateye, above all others, have realised that one of the secrets to good lights is having good mounts on each bike.

    Rear mounts availabvle are:

    1) Seatpost band (variety of diameters available)
    2) Saddle rail (for bikes with aero seatposts and a clean look)
    3) Rack mounting (For my commuter)
    4) Chainstay band (for kids bikes with low saddles)
    5) Fizik saddle-specific mount (for an even cleaner look)

    If you can’t find a suitable selection for each bike, I can’t imaine what you ride 😉

    As for which light? Buy TWO Reflex 1’s – USB rechargeable and now down to only £12 each. If you have a Fizik saddle, the Reflex 3 is available with the neat Fizik mount.

    Big fan of Moon stuff here.


    Shield may well be a little more cash than you’re looking at, OP, but for unlit roads at night, what price being seen? My Shields are very, very impressive.


    I found the NiteRider Stinger okay, although I think it turned itself off a bit when it got water in (so not brilliantly sealed) and the watch type batteries aren’t great as you can’t get rechargeable ones. Latterly, it seems to have been behaving itself. I lost it recently, so Santa brought me a Topeak Redlite “Aero”. The idea of an aero rear light is hilarious, but it does mean you won’t catch shorts on it.

    Comes with two sizes of rubber strap, and seems secure. Takes a AAA battery so I can just use rechargeable AAA batteries for minimal cost.

    Not used it probably MTBing yet, but done lots of commuting miles (mostly with mudguards) and some puddly CX miles. No complaints yet.

    Like you, I was looking for a rubber design for easy swapping between bikes.


    Serfas Thunderbolt. The original one that Moon copied.

    Premier Icon tthew

    I have a BBB Highlaser like this one. BBB Highlaser
    Not too expensive, and it is much better sealed than other similar one’s I’ve had. Nice and bright and the rechargeable batteries last quite a while.



    Just been using my flash/flare set for the first time, impressed

    Premier Icon grtdkad

    Knog Blinder


    Rubber strap
    USB chargeable
    Super bright


    +1 Knog Blinder. Seems very solid. Not cheap though!

    Premier Icon martymac

    i use a lezyne femto, very nicely made, small, cheap, lightweight.
    not massively bright, and uses non rechargeable batteries (cr2032 x2).
    but good enough that i bought a 2nd one for another bike.
    they do some slightly larger and brighter ones, they may be worth a try.
    im pretty happy with mine.

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    Light and Motion


    lezyne zecto been good for me

    Premier Icon tomd

    I have a moon comet and it has a good rubber strap system. It’s also an overpriced piece of cack. Very nice and bright, but cack.

    + Very bright and visible due to large strip of micro LEDs
    – Terrible battery life (less than claimed, as in 2.5hrs on the middle setting)
    – Awful side visibility
    – Poorly sealed
    – Corners get rubbed by legs when pedaling
    – £30

    The £4.99 Phart rear light I have from on one is better. Buy 4 of those and box AAAs of ebay and you’ll be better off. It’s bright, has great side visibility, reasonably sealed, well made and dirt cheap.

    Blackburn Mars click:

    Can’t go wrong at £8.99 delivered!!!

    Buy 2 & use 1 constant & one flashing……

    Job done.


    ^ It’s the Phart Bleep 2 x 0.5W that I have. Pretty sure they cost me something like £1.99 or £2.99 so just got 4 of them and a box of AAAs from halfords (£1.99 for a strip). Last for hours on flashing mode, bright, cheap and secure as clamped to seat post.

    Premier Icon tomd

    Yep Phart Bleep is the model. Rate it better than the moon thingy or smart rear lights I have had recently.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Tesco, £2.95
    And a Velcro strap.

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