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  • gazzab1955
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    While it’s great that you are posting a lot of MTB racing stories on the website I think that they are probably “swamping” the (in my view) bigger stories that affect more of the average STW readership, E.G Missadventures, land access (Hannah’s rant), kit reviews, FGF, rides by “normal” riders and such like stories.
    Couldn’t all the pro circuit race stuff go a separate tab and leave the front page to the more “human interest” stories?
    It sometimes feels a bit like buying a magazine about cars and only seeing stories/headlines about Formula 1 racing.

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    Are you on about the Hardline stories? Even with those on the front page there’s still a good mix of stories. And while you may not be interested in things like Hardline, and neither am I, but plenty of people who are. (I really am not interested in reading about rides by ‘normal riders’ on the front page, but maybe that’s just me..)

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    Thanks for the feedback! Will have a chat with the team. It’s definitely hard to hit everything but I try to ensure there’s a good mix. At the moment, with racing and events being on, it’s good to be able to cover the big stuff. This time of year now that racing is actually happening there will likely be more of a race focus, but I will be mindful to make sure to mix it up where I can.

    I was brought on board to make sure there was more content going up on the front page so the rest of the editorial team could have more time to focus on writing. Always interested to hear feedback and more of what people want, though! So thank you. Likewise, if you ever spot anything my inbox is always open.

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    @identitizombie – I understand that this is probably a seasonal thing, i.e. once the racing season is over the front page returns to more generalist subjects. Just felt that over the past 2 or 3 weeks it’s been one racing story after another. Singletrack seems to be in a good place at the moment with some great features and personally I would like to see more articles advocating the issues around our recreational riding which is what the majority of MTB’ers do. That doesn’t mean any less articles around the racing scene, just place them under a separate tab with only the major stories hitting the front page.

    – As said above I don’t mean less racing stories, just not all splashed on the front page pushing other articles (like Missadventures) way down the page. There are 6 Red Bull Hardline articles in the first 15 or so features on the home page, which to me is too many. Like you I don’t want to read about “normal rider rides” all the time, but I do want to read about the issues and stories (good or bad) around MTB’ing that the bulk of us “normal riders” have.

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    For me, I think it’s about right. I’m in no way disrespecting other’s views here, just wanting to give my own. It’s going to be impossible to get it right for everyone

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