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  • scottyjohn

    Hi mate,
    There is a small forest training area a couple of miles south of the centre in Pollock Park which a lot of guys use, and I always jump on the train to Milngavie and take the start of the West Highland Way into Mugdock country park where there are lots of little rabbit runs to find. Nothing hugely taxing but gets you out the city in about 20 minutes of train journey. Maybe look for MTB club in the area as this will probably have trips arranged to the Stanes. Drop me your email and Ill give you a shout if there is a free car space when we are heading down, although missus having a baby soon may hinder day trips 😀


    Or get the train from Queen Street to Croy (about 12 minutes), and ride up the Tak ma Doon road in Kilsyth (quite steep) to get to Carron Valley – some excellent MTB trails up there.

    There is a bikebus that goes various places ( but im not sure if it is running again. Dont know how much it costs either as i've never used it.

    not sure about taxi service but join a local bike club and I'm sure you'll be able to cadge lifts to the 7stanes etc for a share of the petrol and some biscuits.

    The western stanes are pretty accessible from Glasgow, as is Drumlanrig. Glentress is on the other side but not too far as there's a motorway between edinburgh and glasgow.


    I'm starting a job in Glasgow for a couple of years and bringing my bike with me. I wont have a car so i've got a couple of questions:

    Is there any good mountain bike riding near Glasgow that I can cycle to (living near the centre)?

    I remember reading about a taxi service for mountain bikers that picks up from various locations and heads to the 7 stanes; does anyone know what it's called etc?

    I've never ridden the 7 Stanes before so where do you suggest I start? I hear a lot about Glentress so was planning on heading there to start with. If it help, my idea of fun is cwmcarn XC trail and Whites Level.



    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    I remember reading about a taxi service for mountain bikers that picks up from various locations and heads to the 7 stanes; does anyone know what it's called etc?

    Not running at the moment as the guy's wife had a baby recently


    Cathkin Braes is my local haunt, along with the neds and wierdos. 5 ish miles form the city centre to the south, they are building the cross country course there in a few years too. Decent drops and singletrack, very good mid week workout.


    Link GMBC.

    Regular Tuesday/Wednesday night rides from Milngavie and local/away days on Sunday with Glasgow Mountain Biking Club.


    ditto, gmbc

    Premier Icon Sanny

    The short answer is there is loads of good riding to be had around Glasgow and you don't need a car to access it either.

    Kilpatrick Hills
    Campsie Fells
    West Highland Way
    Ben Lomond
    Conic Hill
    Cathkin Braes

    Or take the train to Stirling for The Ochils, Dumayat and Cambusbarron.

    There is some great riding to be had.

    Feel free to e mail me at


    Cambusbarron is accesable by train also. Lennox Forrest is another possibility if you scoot along the canal to Torrance.


    Hi Mintman,

    I have recently also started working in Glasgow and staying in the city center. I don't have a car either but am looking into getting around via train or a mtb cab type company called Go-where.

    Just wondered if you are interested in some company or would like to meet up for a ride sometime?

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    You can also get the train down to Dumfries and take in Ae or Mabie. They are within biking distance of the station.

    If you get off at Sanquhar you can bike down to Drumlanrigg. On OS78 there are plenty of proper hills to ride straight from the station.
    Met Sanny^^^^^^for the first time up a hill on the Southern Upland Way

    Or post up and get a local to give you a lift to either Dalbeattie or Kirry.


    Kipcow / Mintman

    I'm another Glasgow newbie based in the centre and looking to explore some near by trails in the evenings… If you're keen for meeting up for a ride let me know.

    I've got as far as a ride in Mugdock last week and there was plenty of great sections of single track – If anyone knows of a good route to take round there? I seemed to spend teh whole evening riding on the same sections!

    Premier Icon iainc

    CraigB – see link above for GMBC. We ride there Tuesday at 7, Wed at 7 and 745 – it's the best way to get to know the routes


    Thanks for all the ideas, advice and offers, looks like there are a couple of Glasgow newbies on here and GMBC seems friendly so I reckon we should sort out a bit of a get together sometime soon!


    GMBC as mentioned above and also LMBC (Lanarkshire MBC – also meet Sundays and 3 evenings a week during summer – Keep an eye on their forumns) which is based in Hamilton/Strathclyde park about 20mins train south-east of Glasgow. Carron valley has man-made trails and has been upgraded recently which has had very favourable reviews.


    I'm a local (Torrance) and ride lennox forest, mugdock, carron valley etc. Carron valley is very much sanitised trails but fairly fast and flowy with a jumpy section.

    When you get here give us a nudge and I'll take you out on some of the local trails or give you a lift over to carron valley for a spin (I work in the city). Email in profile.

    GMBC guys seem nice enough too, but fairly high standard from what I can see – I hate holding people up so I don't go out with them (not that they'd mind I'm sure, I just hate feeling like the slow guy).

    Not sure I'd taxi to the 7 stanes from Glasgow TBH, its an hour and a half to any of the routes by car!


    Also at least partly populated by old slow timid riders if you want to be treated gently.


    drop me an email, ill happily take you around some of the stuff around Mugdock area, there are some excellent natural trails, easily loose a few hrs up there…

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