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    Ballyhoura will be your lot – I think! Check out trailbadger and also collite (Forestry folks) website.


    The in-laws live just on the outskirts of the Ballyhoura Mountain Park. I ride the purpose built trails a few times a year. They're OK. Worth a visit – head for Ardpatrick and pick up the signs. Deserted in the week – or has been when I've been there.

    Does anyone know any good spots to ride? I have read there are some purpose built trails as well as some great natural riding. i'm staying around the Cork area for a week and gonna take the bike. any recommendations greatly appreciated.



    Ballyhoura is…ok

    You're going to a country with no access issues on the REAL mountains go ride there.

    Depending on where you're going i can give you a few trail ideas. Or if you're going to be in Dublin/Wicklow give you a tour!

    i've rode ballyhoura a few times whilst visiting the parents.
    it's no kirroughtree, but it's a good day out.
    you can easily make a full days riding if you link some of the trails together.
    as mog says, it's usually empty.

    Or head up North to Carlingford. We went yesterday – deserted trails, pleasant ramblers, great coffee. Steeper than expected, though.


    I've been harbouring ideas of building a trail centre in Wicklow, with chalets, do you think it would be viable?


    +1 for carlingford, was up there myself yesterday, got rather wet.

    Not sure about wicklow trail centre, the whole good side to Wicklow is that it's open mountain trails. I pretty much avoid Ballinstoe all the time now as its just full of knackers with trainers and Argos bikes.

    you could also try logging on to the cork mtb forum. someone on there would probably offer to showyou some trails around the area.


    Carefull, Corks a different country, you may need to learn to drink the swill water that is Murphys

    Thanks fellas, it will be round Cork. Gregmay it would be good if you could give me a cuple of open mountain ideas.

    I'll also check out the Cork forum, thanks anotherstan.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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