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  • MTB Holiday Europe?
  • yoshimi
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    First off, I can’t seem to find the search function for the forum, I’m sure there used to be one, just the search that does the whole site

    6 of us are wanting to do a trip next summer. I’ve only done Morzine a few times and enjoyed the riding and the location. Few of the guys have done Finale and enjoed it but probably want to try somewhere different.

    All pretty good riders (I know how that sounds) – enjoy lots of tech just as much as flow style trails. Want maximum descent time and hopefully not too much climbing – and some sort of small town at least for after ride beers and food, but not really needing a ‘banging’ nightlife scene.

    Freeride Madeira looks quite good to us all and also have the follwing list

    Bike Verbier
    Riviera Bike
    Basque Mtb
    Trail Addiction
    Ride Slovenia

    Any thoughts on the above list and anything else we should depersatly check out?


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    I’d go back to Bikevillage or White Room every year for the rest of my life and be happy I think. Generally preferred the riding with Stevo but the whole holiday package with Sam, both fantastic though. I guess I’d go wherever the greatest living frenchman Yvan Bonin is guiding, if poss 😉

    Had a brilliant week’s riding with Rivierabike. The riding around Molini is just phenomenal. Have to say I think we didn’t get them at their best, for various reasons- the organisation and the professionalism of the guiding wasn’t what I’d expect and I don’t think it was really what Ady expects either tbh! But I’d give them the benefit of the doubt, I know they had a lot going on at the time.

    Wouldn’t touch Trailaddiction with a 10 foot pole tbf.

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    Lenzerheide for two weeks with the family was amazing.

    BTW we just booked our own accommodation and did everything ourselves

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    Having met doug from basque mtb and found what a nice chap he is as well as talking to his guides and the folk riding there i would say basque mtb fits your bill nicely.

    Not ridden there but i stayed with him

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    Bike Republic in Solden. Lots of flow trails, not so many hucks, bits of tech. Nice little down albeit quiet out of ski season, just the three lifts. Sam pilgrims review (probably sponsored content)

    Our group went pre-covid, had a really good three days riding. Will be going again as it suits our level of gnar. Stayed here,


    Which is fantastic.

    It’s about ninety mins from Innsbruck airport and maybe do a day at Innsbruck.

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    You won’t be disappointed with basque Mtb, great riding and staff. I preferred their backcountry Pyrenees trip to the coastal week. Also ridden with free ride Madeira and that would fit the bill for drinks and food after no problem. But it’s back to finale next year for us

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    I’m lucky to have ridden with basque MTB, Riviera bike and Ride Slovenia, among others, all are great trips, which you’ll enjoy.
    If you’re really after “maximum descent time” then you want somewhere with ski lift access, to shorten the ascent tIme as much as possible.
    Personally I’d go for the classic singletrack week with WhiteRoom MTB. Stevo and his team are excellent, you get to ride multiple resorts around Bourg St Maurice, ie Les Arc, La Plagne, St Foy, Tignes & Val d’Isere, and La Thuile. Good food and beer included, and the chalet has a pool and hot tub for relaxing after a long day of big descents.

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    Whiteroom or Basque MTB. Whiteroom more “traditional” alps guided riding (but still excellent), Doug’s riding for something a bit different but perhaps more memorable and definitely less frequented riding spots. Either will not disappoint.

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    Thanks all – I’ll have a good look later this afternoon on the BH winddown:)

    Good to hear that some of you have done the ones I’d bmentoned and all sound possitive.

    bfw – how did you do that trip? Just arrange your own flights/accomodation/passes or did you do anything guided?

    BasqueMTB has always featured on here, mentioned loads over he years and yet to hear a bad review so ythat was always high on the list – Whiterooms sounds very interesting too

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    Can’t give a personal experience but a good mate went to Madera twice last year!

    Sorted their own accommodation and just got guides and loved it. Him and his crew have been all over and loved it.

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    Only one of those I’ve ridden with is Basque and it was fantastic. Did the back country tour May this year. Not much night life at all days 2 and 3 when you’re in the wilderness 🙂 We ended up climbing 2800m, descending 12000m over 6 days. Full on riding days, not much downtime, amazing trails, loads of variety and stunning locations. Also guiding/food/etc top notch. Not cheap but I would say excellent value for what you get.

    We’re going back to Ainsa next year because we loved the trails so much.

    Another option might be Ciclo Montana based of the Sierra’s in Analucia. Not sure if Marko has retired yet but he was still blooming fast when we went last year. Good setup (again sleepy location, does have a hot tub tho), more budget setup for food/uplift etc but all works, prob pedal a bit more. Great trails but mostly rock/switchbacks/more rock.

    I just finished uploading my last Basque vid last night (that one is still rendering). Way too long as I can’t be bothered to edit them properly but if you want to get an idea of the different types of riding each day, just flick through

    TLDR; Basque 🙂

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    Done a day with Freeride Madeira and that was brilliant (though perilous at times!) Would love to go back for a week sampling the whole island. They do packages IIRC.

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    How do the more interesting higher guided Alps / euro weeks compare for technicality to UK natural riding?

    Eg do you need to be able to track stand / endo turn on tight switchbacks to be able to get down? Get up on the rear wheel and hop off things trial style?

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    I’ve been over to ride slovenia 3 times…..

    Jonny is a top guy and if you like tech you’ll love it.

    Also his pizza…. my word!

    Plus slovenia is an absolute pleasure to spend time in

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    How do the more interesting higher guided Alps / euro weeks compare for technicality to UK natural riding?

    Eg do you need to be able to track stand / endo turn on tight switchbacks to be able to get down? Get up on the rear wheel and hop off things trial style?

    I find the trail grading similar to decent UK bike parks, maybe slightly higher in places.

    You don’t need Danny MacAskill’s riding ability for 99% of it. Yes there are some challenging turns and features in places on off-piste/backcountry/hiking trails, but you just walk them if necessary, almost everyone does at some point.
    Guides will be looking to take clients down trails that are rideable for the majority of experienced riders. Ultimately they want you to enjoy the riding, not go home terrified of broken.

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    I’ve had holidays with bike verbier (years ago) and Bike Village (3 yrs ago)
    Basque mtb (this year)
    All three were very different but brilliant in their own way, also done lake Garda with Michael cycle/ rebbens
    which ever one you go with, you’re unlikely to be disappointed!

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    Eg do you need to be able to track stand / endo turn on tight switchbacks to be able to get down? Get up on the rear wheel and hop off things trial style?

    Extremely rarely. I mean, being able to do it can help of course but pretty much anywhere a guide takes you will be doable on the ground, because if they take a group down a bunch of super-tight trialsy switchbacks, most of the group will have to walk down and will be pissed off.

    Quick note on guiding/holiday companies, I’ve done it both ways and I’ll always choose guiding, if I can. It’s just a holiday multiplier- you spend less time faffing, less time lost, less time on identikit bikepark trails and more time on hidden away gems, less time trying to buy food in italian or whatever, and most of all if you crash you won’t be trying to summon a helicopter with your holiday french. I mean, I had a good time self-guided, I was riding bikes but imo it doesn’t compare.

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    Bike Village have always produced the goods for me. Great guiding, amazing food, chilled vibe, varied trails.
    Riviera Bike we’re good the first time but pretty disorganised when I went back – forgot to fill the van up with diesel and no fuel stations were open on a Sunday being one example… I would struggle to recommend them especially as there are other good options in the area.
    Switchbacks were pretty basic with regards to accommodation & food, but a good ‘budget’ option.

    Very keen to try Basque MTB as have ridden in the Pyrenees & around Ainsa and it was great, plus only heard good things about them.
    Also heard great things about Ridgeline MTB in Tuscany.

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