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  • solar1

    Authentic Repack style Klunker. 75-76 ‘hybrid’ specification. Based around a 37 Excelsior frame imported from the Bay Area, Marin County and assembled with help and advice from MTB Hall of Fame members Alan Bonds and Joe Breeze.
    Period spec includes Tange TX fork (A copy of the ubiquitous Cooks Brothers fork), Steel Araya 2.125 rims on Atom drum brake hubs, Brooks B72 saddle, Suntour Mighty shifters with ARX mechs, TA Cyclotouriste cranks, VP bear traps, MX bars, Ashtabula stem, Uniroyal Knobbie replica tyres, Campag seat binder and a Koski seat post. This bike would have been the ultimate incarnation of the Klunker, only knocked off the perch in 1979 when Joe built the first batch of Breezers.
    It’s damn heavy, the thing weighs over 50lbs and the brakes don’t work very well, but its a whole lot of fun to ride hard down a big hill. It’s also probably unique in the UK. A few people have built Schwinn Klunkers over here but not many ended up with this level of period authenticity.
    Building it was a real labour of love, and it took almost 18 months, and three goes to get it just perfect. It has sat unridden for over a year in my heated garage now (plus a few spells as a shop display) and I’ve decided to let someone else take it on and hopefully use it.
    I would like to get £1000 for it, which is a little towards what it’s cost to put together. The other way to get an authentic Marin County Klunker is to go to Alan Bonds himself armed with four or five thousand dollars and join the waiting list, or do as I did and spend many months and a small fortune on eBay ( the head badge alone took two months and a few hundred to get hold of!).
    I’m going to get some better photos in the morning, but here are a few to get you going.

    Condition wise it’s still perfect. The paint was a special hand mixed custom blend by House of Kolor, and looks stunning in bright sunshine. The chrome on the forks and bars are perfect too. The wheel rims have a small amount of rust pitting. They were NOS but have obviously been badly stored at some point over the last 35 years.
    Seat post as you can see is obviously bent, but that’s how they were in period. The diameter is so small that they bent first time out. It provides a handy amount of lay back though as these frames were originally intended for teenagers.
    Everything else works as it should (apart from the crap brakes, which again, is how it always was).

    Looking for £1000 on very nearest offer. Shipping will be a wee bit extra, or happy to meet up somewhere.

    07900813717 for more info

    as great and diverse as STW is, this classic may get a bit more attention on retrobike – if it isn’t already on there.


    Reduced to £600 or nearest offer


    that’s a big reduction.. beautiful bike. would love to be in a position to take it. how does it size up?


    Fits really well. I’m 5′ 10″ and it’s pretty roomy enough. Not really of importance though. It’s not something you own for all day XC rides. Maybe a run down to the coffee shop, in which case it’ll fit all.

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