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    I’m just up the road in Uddingston.

    Stuff nearby is Chatlerault as you said, bit and pieces around Bothwell Castle and Blantyre and Cathkin Braes.

    Nothing wrong with any of the bikes you suggested but also take a look at the Specialized Camber too, good bike for the money.

    Also worth keeping an eye on the classifieds for a S/H bike

    Hi Guys, trying to get into Mtb again, used to pootle about on a hardtail in me teens, round the campsies and local woods. Im mulling over full sus bikes at the moment, stuff like Trek ek5, giant x3 and kona tanuki. Can upgrade as I see where the biking takes me.

    Whats the easier stuff in the area? anyone in any the local clubs? tried lanarkshire mtb forum but having trouble registering.

    So whats your thoughts on these bikes as a starting point, assuming I want full sus. Could stretch to £1400 or so for the bike.

    chatellerault park seems a nice place to bimble round and get back into it.



    Hey Rich am in Uddingston to small world. Lanarkshire mtb club have a Facebook page joined them about four years ago great bunch of lads very active club. Rich their are a couple of us go out during the week doing local stuff round Bothwell Castle and Chatters give us a shout if you want to come along. I stay behind Scotmid at Tannochside

    Cheers lads. Ive joined the fb group, ill chat to y’all when its confirmed by the admin folk.

    Where about in Blantyre do you bike? I stay in Drumsagard, so on the doorstep.


    We mapped a trail round behind the David Livingston Centre that spits you out on the Blantyre Farm Road across into Red Lees Quarry then onto a great piece out singletrack behind Birnam Autos which spits you out at the Clyde.

    Thats propper close to me then. Will need to try find the start/finish when I get me bike sorted 🙂


    Hi Craig,

    I joined/logged on to Lanarkshire MTB a few weeks ago, yet to manage out with the guys.

    I’m in EK, so just up the road.

    Generally free most weekends, except when the wife springs housework on me!


    Hi Craig,

    Me n my buds have built quite of lot of trails just off the clyde walkway and down from law. If you go a scoot about there and keep your eyes open you should find them. They’ve got a few jumps, drops and stuff in them but you can ride round “most” of these.




    The trails Chris has described above are excellent. Top trails, the latest half way up the fire road is something else(not even close to trying that jump yet).

    If you need a hand building any new trails locally give us a shout, would be more than happy to help. I’ve been scouting out an old walkway in Rosebank across from the Popinjay, plenty of height in there and the terrain is a bit different from Mudslie.


    Which side of the clydeside assuming my entry point is at the cambuslang end, near morrisons, the foothpath is there, would I be heading into town or back out?


    Hi, mate, why no ask over on a Scottish mountain bike forum like TrailScotland?

    Hi Cferg,

    the big jumps not bad at all really, looks worse than is. the new bit after is going to be intersting in winter though! Let me know how you get on across the road i always fancied doing stuff there but was struggling for link ups without too much road.

    oh and if anyone wants some trailbuilding tools – aldi are doing cheap hand and normal sized axes tomorrow 🙂 🙂 🙂

    (its the law/wishae/motherwell side)

    Registered on trailscotland, thanks for pointing me there.

    Been to the bike shop today to have play on some bikes. SO shiney . . . The camber caught my eye although a little out of budget, but im sure a 2013 model could be had a bit cheaper now the 14 stuffs coming out.

    THe cube ams 130s looked nice too, felt nice.

    They were propper pushing 29s. Hadnt even considered 29s until now.

    Decisions . . decisions . .

    My trance x3 arrives on Saturday, im pooping myself with excitement.

    Hail rain or shine (prob all 3 knowing our weather) ill be out on Saturday!!

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