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  • mtb for 9yr old – creig 26 alternatives
  • pjbarton

    So, we we’re looking at a standard 24″ mtb for our 9 year old – they’re all high £300s and very similar.

    Then we realised he might only get a year or so from it and that the islabikes Creig 26 would fit. But it’s £700! Good value actually when you look at the spec – but it’s a lot of money.

    Any thoughts?

    Any alternatives? i.e. small frame 26″ but less money (and quality)

    Premier Icon dazh

    I’m in the same quandary. This might help….

    Still haven’t decided what to do. I’m thinking a Beinn 26 small with some alterations might be best.


    If you are looking for a second hand one (and live in the Bristol area) I have a Specialized Hotrock 24 for sale. Looking for £100.


    I think I’m leaning towards an xxs 26″ bike… maybe


    Frogbikes? I went for a 13.5 Trek 4500.

    Premier Icon tomaso

    Genesis Core 24 looks tidy


    I think I’m leaning towards an xxs 26″ bike… maybe

    How tall? 24″ will be fine up to 1m50 or so and it is better to have a bike that really fits rather than one that the kid can just about sit on and pedal.


    Just put together (slotted wheels in and fitted mudgaurds) on a m8’s daughters Beinn 26 large, and without doubt it is the most well made and put together bike I’ve ever seen. They made the decision to go Islabike again, as her last bike is in excellent condition (3/4 years old) & is to be handed down to her younger brother & that one still retains a crap load of value (ebay completed listings) when they do come to sell it.

    Premier Icon Chainline

    I built my own to a better spec than all of them for £700 and it will last until my daughter(s) wants to ride something else or gets bigger than 5’6″ which will be a while as they are 7 and just 10.

    I used a 14″ OnOne Inbred, bought s/h SiD forks at 100/120mm and serviced them, fitted new deore 10spclutch mech/shifters/brakes, cassette, s/h 24″ wheels initially, Sun Ringle singletrack rim, deore hubs, now have s/h Hope Hoops with Olympic rims. Got cranks made in US to 145mm (sq taper, cost me £80 incl shipping, truvativ) set up 1×10 with a 32t on 24 superstar chain guide. I still have the details if anyone wants them. OnOne flat bar cut to order, 35mm stem, superstar grips & discs. 23lb all up with pedals.
    I started with the forks at 80mm using the dual air trick to lower them,and gradually have lifted them.
    I may fit a 2×10 as she gets older if she needs it/we do harder stuff.

    It rides great, has good geometry even with 24″, it helps its a bit longer and lower than designed with 24″, and obviously 26″ then goes in nicely.

    So it’s almost a one off purchase, has really good brakes I’d be happy to ride, likewise gears and the lightest forks out there that work properly.
    The geo with 24″ is more suitable than some of the offerings I looked at as the standover was better for my 7yr old.

    Clearly you need to have some build skills or get the kit and take it to your lbs.

    I just couldn’t find a std offing from anyone I was happy with.

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