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  • MTB clothing brands of the early to mid 90s
  • Rocket Power Parts – Scary Fast!
    Website’s still active, but seemingly not doing anything with the business, shame coz the logo & clothing is/was ace.

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    Qranc (?) gloves?

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    Remember those gloves that were neoprene but with open fingers? They just had finger fronts and looped around just under the nail… There was also an advert / poster for them which really epitomised MTBing for me back then; dusty, sweaty, pumped forearms with cuts and scratches. best rides.

    I also had a pertex shell which was half green / half purple… Something lizard?

    EDIT:Not Rocket power parts, but they were ACE.


    Large Hardwear.Still wear the socks:)

    Was wearing my Rox hoodie only today. “My nuts are titanium” it declares on the back.
    What about Redley skate shoes, as per JMC in Dirt. Still got my blue & red pair but they’re pretty faded now. I believe they went out of business, if I google Redley now I just get lots of handbags with a wee dog on them!

    Oakley Frogskins- yep, the third set of prescription lenses died last year and the frame is now 30% superglue.

    OF3 gloves, fantastic. Loved the long/short finger thing.
    MBUK T-shirts- check.
    AXO Ponys – check.
    And the saddest loss of all, my Poobahs that died in October 🙁


    Calange jackets
    Lake gloves
    Troy Lee helmet peaks
    Freestyle gore jackets
    Hugh Porter leggings

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    Calange…. what did they do? That name gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, like I’ve lusted after something of theirs in the past.


    Rocket Power Parts – Scary Fast!

    I wish they were still going, always wanted a pair of scary fast gloves!

    Freestyle gore jackets

    ~Great company, they used to have a stall at the Newnham Park events – based in Plymouth IIRC. They made me a custom jacket with freaky long arms.

    I asked on here if anyone knew what happened to them. Got a big grant of some kind and mysteriously went bust soon after

    Still got the original ‘Team Xtreme’ jerseys made for us by Been Bag.

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    JT(?) sunglasses. Had barrel adjusters on the legs to change the angle of the lense. And a Cannondale fleece, bright green with pink bits…


    What were those neoprene cycling mitts? Had a pair from Stif back in the day but went through about 6 replacement sets as the stitching kept coming out, really sweaty as well (funnily enough being neoprene).


    yep i remember scary fast gloves well

    also Cool head peaks

    I thought about trying to resurrect the brand for the uk at least, but the US owner is keeping it to himself – git!

Viewing 13 posts - 41 through 53 (of 53 total)

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