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  • MTB clothing brands of the early to mid 90s
  • Pieface

    That are no more, or have fallen from grace.

    Been Bag
    Bula – the kings of day-glo?
    Animal Watchstraps – still around but not quite so ubiquitous.
    Eclipse(?) – not sure on this one, they used to be very cool, a bit rare and expensive (to a 15 year old on a paper-round)


    ROK ? – purveyors of cheesy tag lined riding orientated hoodies and tees …..

    Premier Icon pedalhead

    ROX. I still have a “psycho mountain biker…do not feed the animal” T-shirt, though admittedly in tatters.

    edit…yep TR, like mine 🙂

    Premier Icon one_bad_mofo

    I still miss my AXO Pony boots.

    How about a little Local Motion as well…

    No Fear – Back when it was worn by people who did something more dangerous than being a lardy chav.

    Oh, and the obligatory Mint Sauce T shirts, of course!


    my Axo Mission shoes (in blue suede) were perhaps the greatest footwear I’ve ever owned…


    i still have some Axo pony boots, and the top and shorts to go with them.

    saving them for a retro ride sometime. the top’s lasted well but the shorts are probably risky to wear.

    The finest shoes made for SPD were by Answer and were called Flatfoots. The original blue and black ones, mind you, not these later MkII versions;

    Can’t find a pic of the originals anywhere!


    I still have my ROX ‘Fear Of A Flat Planet’ t-shirt somewhere.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Don’t see much OF3 stuff around these days

    My mate wearing a pair of Of3 gloves on the right here.

    Pic from Mountain Bike World mag – funnily enough I wore the Fox gloves I’ve got on this morning on my commute – didn’t realise they were that old!

    Oh man I loved my OF3 gloves! Sadly they died a final death last year. 🙁

    Anyone remember Parrott?

    I’ve still got a few tops, some leggings and a windproof! They were internerd only and very reasonable, decent quality kit. Defunct now I think.

    Premier Icon Tiger6791

    ligne7 Boots?, before SPD

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    I’ve still got a few ROX T-shirts.

    Remember the old classic Specialized shoes? Plain black with a little red S, they had a sort of fold-over leather cover on them. They were great, somewhere I’ve still got a pair of them, almost unworn! Also one of the original MTB shoes, the Nike Poohbah:

    Turn up at races and everyone would be wearing ROX or No Fear T-shirts!


    Eclipse bomber jackets and jeans with all the embroidery were worn by proto-chavs (they were called townies back then) round my way, not mtbers. Having said that i always wanted a “Dready” hoody which was very similar.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Anyone remember Parrott?

    Pretty sure that hideous yellow thing I’ve got on in the pic was Parrott. Belonged to Tim, the photographer. Not sure if i wore it because of the cold or because he wanted more colour in the pic!
    Just noticed, I still wear those Lusso knee warmers too.

    DezB – I think you’re right, it is a Parrott top. Mine is (or was, now very faded) blue.

    Premier Icon richen987

    answer flatfoots in blue and black for you CapatainFlashHeart

    personally i miss my old Nike Poobahs, so comfy

    If only they were NOS! I’d be getting the wallet out!

    Still have a pair of Poobahs that I use now and again.

    BTW – Parrot (with one ‘t’ apparently) is still going as a brand. Checkout for the range.

    They look exactly the same ?? Still v. cheap though.

    Premier Icon richen987

    unfortunately not mine, image stolen from another website, but they were darn comfy.
    my poobahs fell to pieces, would buy new ones if they still did them.


    What brand were those helmets – the adjustable ones? One of the first with a hard plastic outer that you used a screwdriver to change the size. They rocked.

    I still have a pair of mint green Tracksters that were a favourite in the early 90s for riding in.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    My Axo’s shoes were awful…

    Premier Icon matthewjb

    I had a reversible pertex/fleece jacket. Struggling to remember the brand. Not Paramo or Buffalo. Often recommended in MBUK.

    Also had 2 MBUK Mint Sauce T shirts. I think they got thrown out recently.

    Premier Icon matthewjb

    What brand were those helmets – the adjustable ones?


    I’ve still got my blue and black Answer Flatfoots, though they now have black instead of white laces. Still looking great due to very infrequent use over the past 13 years 🙂
    Can post a piccie later if you are desperate?

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    I recently discoverd my old Rox “Special K” (with the “K” being the old Kona logo) t-shirt.

    And a thick-as-hell-made-to-last white embroidered Oakley Thermonuclear Protection t-shirt.

    But I think my original Oakley Frogskins (black rain frame, red iridium lens) are no longer with me. 🙁

    Premier Icon Blackhound

    Remember wanting to buy one of those Special K Tee’s as K is my initial and I ride a Kona.

    Saw one for sale at The Malverns in the mid 90’s but only in XL. Ah well!

    But I think my original Oakley Frogskins (black rain frame, red iridium lens) are no longer with me.

    Mine were MkIs, black frame and black lens, with the original metal hinge. I left them on a blonde in France and have regretted it ever since. 🙁 (Not the blonde, you understand, no regrets there)

    Still have the original Blue Iridium lens from my Mumbos as well (Pre M-Frames!)

    old skool oakleys are making a comeback, and I think oakley are re-releasing them as half the moto GP guys wore frogskins on the grid this year. I found a pair I bought as a teenager in the nineties for £25 and left in a drawer, Mr MC suggested I put em on fleabay and they went for >£60 😯

    Waa also going to name check Buffalo for their fleece/pertex top which was as ubiquitous as a marin full susser back in the day…

    Think I still have some Local Motion ‘Dominator Reflex’ gloves somewhere. What a great name!

    What about Switch-Baks clothing? Anyone remember them? Bloody awful.



    Oh yeahhhhhhh

    Answer Flatfoots in Blue and black, but with replacement non-white laces. It would be rude for them to be perfect after all this time!!

    And some Oakley Frogskins bought from the stand at the bike show at Earls Court circa 1994. Transparent black with red iridium lenses I think (Plus glue holding the hinge together).

    I loved those OF3 gloves too – had 2 pairs both destroyed and in bin 😥 having said that I wonder if they were any better than the gloves I wear now or if my memory is forgetting the bad bits.

    Did anyone ever buy some gear from a company called Last Ten. I had a Pertex windstopper and MASSIVE fleecy gloves. I loved their stuff. Shame I can’t find anything anywhere to show they existed!!!


    still got my bean bag jacket…you need to wear sun glasses if with me as the colours are a little loud yorkshire company if i remember purchased at the malverns home of mountain bike racing as we know it ;0)

    Probably reflects quite badly on me that it takes a thread like this to concert me from lurked to poster, but couldnt resist.

    OF3 gloves were classics, I bought a pair used from Dave Hemming at the Malverns when I was about 14. He’d broken the bunnyhop record wearing them, so thought wearing them would obviously make me better.

    XSW – baggy “extreme” clothes but a very toasty hat, as worn by JMC in Dirt (can you see a patten emerging here?). Left it on the schoolbus.

    Steep body armour – still got my knee pads and they’re technically still in one piece. Useless though, one area there’s been real improvement.

    Also had an assortment of Rox tshirts with cheeky slogans on them, which obviously marked me out as a dangerous renegade.

    Ah, those were the days…


    However do we manage without those Local Motion/Cosmic Trail shoulder pad/bag things?

    My first mtb (a very yellow 1990 Marin Muirwoods) was decked out in all manner of fluro kit… I was probably visible from space.


    I remember now Eclipse was chav wear.

    I think the only thing this company made was a T-Shirt which was a ‘must have’ item in the day IIRC, relatively expensive too I think.

    I think they were light green coloured with a circular pattern around the brand name in the middle, which was a single word like eclipse or voodoo, but obviously neither of those.

    I think I will make my next purchase Parrot, just for that ‘semi-retro’ look.


    I still use my Hard Nox knee and shin pads.
    They’re abit sweaty cos they are neoprene but they have saved my skin and bones many times.

    And I’ve still got a Special K tshirt 🙂

    Nike Nguba (still got a pair). Wierd name but did the job well, and I bought them second hand, they’re still going strong.

    Got one of the early Mint Sauce cycling jerseys in orange too. Way too small for me now but MFL junior likes the look of it, so I’ll hand it down to him I think.

    Didn’t Bean bag make the original race kit for Orange bikes?

    Rocket Power Parts – Scary Fast!
    Website’s still active, but seemingly not doing anything with the business, shame coz the logo & clothing is/was ace.

    Premier Icon simonbowns

    Qranc (?) gloves?

    Premier Icon jimmy

    Remember those gloves that were neoprene but with open fingers? They just had finger fronts and looped around just under the nail… There was also an advert / poster for them which really epitomised MTBing for me back then; dusty, sweaty, pumped forearms with cuts and scratches. best rides.

    I also had a pertex shell which was half green / half purple… Something lizard?

    EDIT:Not Rocket power parts, but they were ACE.


    Large Hardwear.Still wear the socks:)

    Was wearing my Rox hoodie only today. “My nuts are titanium” it declares on the back.
    What about Redley skate shoes, as per JMC in Dirt. Still got my blue & red pair but they’re pretty faded now. I believe they went out of business, if I google Redley now I just get lots of handbags with a wee dog on them!

    Oakley Frogskins- yep, the third set of prescription lenses died last year and the frame is now 30% superglue.

    OF3 gloves, fantastic. Loved the long/short finger thing.
    MBUK T-shirts- check.
    AXO Ponys – check.
    And the saddest loss of all, my Poobahs that died in October 🙁

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