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  • MTB chainset on a 'Cross Bike ?
  • cynic-al

    Use a mtb BB, chainring clearance on granny may be an issue.

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    MTB BB as the Road BB is for a smaller Diameter axle

    cheers chaps.. I tried using a road BB on a MTB chainset a while back and it didn't work – only I can't remember why!

    Smaller axle is it? Hmm, MTB is 24mm? What's the road axle dia.?

    Only have single ring so granny isn't a problem.


    I think the axle diameter is the same, it's the axle length which is shorter on road chainsets.


    I use a trekking xt (26/36/48) on my tourer, the only issue is getting the front mech to work properly with the smaller chainrings.

    I've got my brain in a twist over this one …

    I want to use my SLX chainset on a 'Cross Bike (68mm shell / 130mm dropouts)

    Should I use an MTB BB or a Road BB? Will I need to source extra BB spacers to use a road BB with an MTB chainset (longer axle?)

    And what about the chainline? Won't somebody please think of the chainline!

    Anyone done something similar?


    I used an slx chainset on my major jake without any problems, It did feel wider than the FSA gossamer cx original that was on but i put that down to there being more angle on the slx arms than the FSA CX ones but could be wrong.

    Can't comment on the gears as i ran it 1×9. I did run a pauls chain keeper which worked fine.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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