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  • MT7 master cylinder leak
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    I bought a 2nd hand bike a few months ago, which came with a MT7 rear brake. Seemed fine at first but I soon discovered if I feathered the lever then it completely lost power when it came to the crunch. A bleed sorted it, but a few rides later it’s starting to feel spongy again. I also snapped the end off the lever so decided to get a new lever, was about to fit it and noticed the master cylinder appears to be leaking.

    What are my chances of Magura honouring the warranty on a 2nd hand MT7? Zero I’m guessing but I saw they have a 5yr warranty and the MT7 weren’t even around 5 years ago.

    Failing that, I could buy a whole new lever, just not an MT7 as too expensive. Which of the levers on the cheaper end of the MT can be run on the MT7 caliper?

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    Don’t they sell seal kits?

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    No fairly sure they don’t. Apparently I can use any of the MT* brake levers. Might go for the MT2 and then fit the HC blade to it I bought to replace the broken MT7 blade. Have contacted Magura to see if they’ll offer anything but not holding breath.

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    The HC blade won’t fit the MT2 master cylinder – they use a different spring and recess. Not sure what the cheapest master cylinder it will fit is though.

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