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  • MS Word 2003 help please
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    I’ve seen and received some good advice on Excel problems so I’m hoping someone can help me with a problem I have in Word.

    I have a mail merge document which includes a table.
    The table is two columns, one for a description and one for a value.
    There are multiple rows.

    My problem is that I want one of the rows (one specific row) to appear only when it’s value is not null and is greater than zero. I don’t think word can control the appearance of the row in the table and if I split the table so the conditional row is it’s own table I end up with blank lines between the tables (inserting the IF statement puts in a carriage return I can’t seem to get rid of).

    I can have two complete tables (one with the conditional row and one without) but this is not ideal.

    Any suggestions welcomed.

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