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  • jonb

    RichPenny – Member

    Interesting point jonb. Are you saying that 1 billion profit is not enough to have ethics?

    More than last year is usually enough. With business it always seems that no matter how big the profit they will need to make more next year to be happy. In some respect it drives innovation but i fear it is ultimately doomed to failure as it is not sustainable indefinately.

    If we want to help the people who work for M and S perhaps we should buy everything there to give them more money

    Premier Icon jimmy

    SLightly aside, but I went into a Simply Food store with their big fridges pumping out the chill into the already frezzing air. And from above, the air con was grinding away pumping hot air into the fridges. Nice one, Plan A!

    If you want ethics then capitqalism is not the game to play. John Lewis and Co op are the best of the ethical retailers as they play the co op game – nbot the capitalist one.


    Tandem, I agree they are the best two but neither act totally ethically. Both exploit both their workforce and their customer. Co op act ethically in relative terms with regard to where they invest, however they invest to make profit and I’m trying hard to think how a profit can be made without some degree of exploitation.


    M&S save up all their vacancies in store then give them to the best Christmas staff in January…essentially everyone starts off on a temp contract at Christmas so M&S can pick and choose who to take on. New staff start off on a handful of hours to spread the jobs around then over time this builds up.

    So, M&S created thousands of jobs literally days before they announced the job cuts but kept quiet about it! It’s all about giving the city want they want…they want to hear about job cuts and cost savings and as a result the M&S share price went up.

    It’s a shame that some jobs got caught up in the games that have to be played with the city but look behind the headlines and M&S aren’t too bad, they have probably created more jobs than were cut.

    Plan A is expected to cost £200 million over 5 years…that’s quite an ethical thing to spend profits on (they aim to not increase costs to the customer). Whilst it has some glaring flaws in it I can’t think of another retailer that has an ethics/environment/health plan that comes anywhere close to it either in scope or money invested on it.

Viewing 5 posts - 46 through 50 (of 50 total)

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