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  • Mr Cruds new Road Racer guards.
  • barca

    I'll be investing in some of these next month. I've seen a few reviews and they certainly receive better opinions that Race Blades. Is there any evidence of damage to the paint on the frame at all?
    That's not a shabby time either Andy, well done. You'd be on target for a 20mph(ish) average century.

    no pics or wheel sizing info on your site andy ?

    i need gaurds for 700c x 32 wheels on my tricross – recommendations please ?

    no good – only up to 25mm


    Will they fit a carbon bike with no eyelets etc?

    Yes no eyelets required, mine are on bike with carbon rear end and carbon forks.

    Designed for 700×23/25c tyres only.

    Will get pics up soon as.

    Edit: 700×23/25 or narrower.


    SKS Bluemels may suit not quite so tool free though.

    Just about to buy these for the wife's new bike but having watched the fitting video they wont fit the hybrid with V's. Pity as they look really good. Might buy a set anyway fro my road bikes.


    My mate fitted some yesterday, certainly nicer looking & better/easier to fit than my SKS raceblades.

    Guys just thought I’d share my experience of Cruds new Road Racer guards, as it is getting wetter more often then this is the time many of you may be starting to look at guards.
    I’m not linking the item to our site as that isn’t allowed but put them to a pretty good test yesterday so thought I would share….
    Once you open the box, you can see from the packaging that the product has been well thought out, and they are light, very light indeed. Anyway, fitting is pretty simple, no tools at all involved, and after a bit of tweaking there they are fitted, and rub free!
    Well the charity ride came but the forecasted weather did not, well, not for a while! Most of the ride was under grey skies, but pleasant, cool but not cold and next to no wind, fine. The last 90 minutes for me however were spent in pretty heavy rain, standing water everywhere! Now I was soaked, no guard was stopping that but as it was not cold it was fine, the guards however were doing their job the stream of water off the front one showing me how much was not getting directed into my face, and my backside was nice and dry also!! One guy on my wheel even commented how nice it was to ride behind someone with a guarded wheel…
    The Road Racers remained rattle and rub free throughout, and they are so close fitting they look neat on the bike, very unobtrusive indeed.
    I am a self confessed part time roadie, I’m not the fittest or the fastest but I appreciated the guards, they are on the bike and they’re staying!!
    Oh yes, 85miles, 4hr30min, not sure if that is fast or slow or what but I’m happy!!

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Might be worth a look for my commuter although the clearances on that are VERY tight – post up again when there's pics on the CRC site Andy, then I can see how they fit.
    Just started a new commute and I can imagine it being thoroughly horrible in winter…

    Not mine unfortunately


    damn, i want a race bike to put them on now…


    I'm tempted by these- they do look very subtle.


    mr crud was on here a few days ago and reckoned they got some 32s under them….hope for my 28 commuters as the sks/roadrat interface is crap


    Anybody got a link to where these are available for purchase? I saw them in Bike Biz (industry mag) the other day, saying they would be on sale now but can't seem to find them anywhere

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    Hmmm, they won't fit my bike. Not enough clearance under the brakes even with 23s on there.
    Looks like a good product though.


    Cheers TW. I obviously didn't try very hard at all, did I 🙄


    Looking at the mounting position i take it they won't fit Disc equipped bikes?

    Shame they do look really nice. 😥

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