MP's expenses scandal rumbles on..

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  • MP's expenses scandal rumbles on..
  • WackoAK

    Ex MP “unfit” to stand trial….

    Reminds me of the Ernest Saunders scam.

    Perhaps Derek could have a quiet word about his style of justice to her. Now that would be extreme anxiety!


    I was taken by how she was miraculously well enough to solicit her services to the “fake lobbying” reporters but half an hour later her office told a reporter she was too unwell to do anything for a constituent.

    And it appears she’s got away with it. Blood boiling etc.


    Absolutely f*****g disgraceful. I’m pretty sure I’d be suffering from extreme anxiety and agitation if I was up before the beak for nicking £80,000. Somehow I doubt us mere mortals would get away with it though.

    People get locked up for apparently inciting riots over facebook but this b*tch gets off scott free for defrauding the tax payer out of EIGHTY THOUSAND POUNDS. They should be throwing away the key.

    F*****g snouts in the trough, all of them.

    Premier Icon Keando

    She would turn up at the opening of a crisp packet if it would get her picture in the papers…

    I’m a resident of Luton where she was “my MP”…

    Premier Icon kimbers

    i have no pity for the woman, however i still dont quite understand how only a handfull of mps faced charges while the rest from the pm down just had to pay some of it back


    shocking on so many levels…IMHO we should leave it on file till she is well enough to accept that she was a lying cheating fraudulent shit bag

    An absolute disgrace – she lived in luton worked in london claimed for a house in Southampton.
    They wonder why we have no trust for them or the system

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    There is a simple way to solve this. MP’s are allowed no other earned income and no expenses. The state can provide a simple apartment for use while they are in London.

    …in the well known suburb of Stoke, perhaps?

    Premier Icon cb

    Maybe I’m wrong but that sounds like she may still get ‘done’ for the offences, just that she doesn’t have to attend court.

    I agree with the above – if you want to be an MP then it should be a full-time job, no other income. Not happy with the salary then don’t apply.

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