Moyles longest ever radio show

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  • Moyles longest ever radio show
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    Ferne raised about £600K in about 20 minutes which was quite impressive, I think if they had a another text in to get the webcam working they would have got even more!

    I tell you what, there’s some bloody miserable people on here!
    Who cares if you don’t like Moyles/any other “celebs” the fact is, they have made an effort to raise a massive amount of cash to help people who have nothing compared to what we all have and take for granted.
    “Moan moan i hope they arn’t getting paid etc” why don’t you get involved and do something costructive or clear off back to your boring office instead of whining on here.
    Well done to Chris and everyone who donated.


    Nuff respect to Moyles…

    Love him, hate him, or totally indifferent towards him, that is one serious truckload of cash he has just managed to raise for charity!

    And as for the rest of the efforts made, this year and in the past, does it matter that you might be able to do better? So what that they did JOGLE as a team taking shifts, because they’re celebrities, other people were inspired to put their hands in their pocket! If you and I did it, I suspect we’d not raise a fraction of the cash… And this is the important bit… Though got to say, Miranda Hart annoyed me so much last year on that JOGLE run, by riding only one stint and then giving up about an hour in, when the likes of Paddy Kielty and Fearne Cotton were doing more than their fair share…

    Respect to Mills too, a week in the desert! Not for me no thank you…

    But surely none of the haters on here can take away from the legend that is Eddie Izzard… Ok it’s a couple of years ago now, but just look what he did! That is something I doubt even the fittest and most serious athletes that frequent this forum could ever attempt…


    They originally were not doing it for charity, they just wanted to beat Simon Mayo’s record, then the Beeb stepped in as the papers caught hold of a story, people getting paid extra, and no money going to charity. They were then asked to do it for free, which lets face it, you’d have to be some right **** if you turned round and said no I’m not doing it for free and for charity.

    Fair shout at the amount they have raised, they really should do something similar every year, Longest road show? My tenner donation was worth it for Fearne.


    They originally were not doing it for charity, they just wanted to beat Simon Mayo’s record,

    Really??? Sounds very odd as it was only announced 2 weeks ago and Simon Mayo did it for Comic Relief as well.

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    They originally were not doing it for charity, they just wanted to beat Simon Mayo’s record,

    Utter bollocks

    they originally said they were doing it for comic relief. they also said a few days later that hey were amazed because neither comic relief nor the bbc were interested in supporting it. something tat the production crew from r1 managed to get sorted out.
    i think that what they’ve achieved is amazing, especially when you consider that they raised more than lets dance for comic relief and the desert walk combined.
    if you dont like him, dont listen to him. ftfy.

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