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  • wadsy76

    Hi all

    No doubt a question that has been asked before.

    Looking at pros and cons for the above areas.

    I already live in Ilkley. Work in Bradford.

    Any help greatly recieved……….

    Kind regards



    Silsden will be cheaper as in West Yorkshire whereas Skipton is in North Yorkshire, saying that Ilkley isn’t the cheapest!!

    Train runs on same line direct to Bradford, again Skipton will be a lot more as you cross the border.

    Biking is just as good at either, five minutes ride and you’re away from the town centre.

    Depends what else you need to know mate, such as schools etc. Have lived in and around Skipton all my life so drop me an email if you need to know owt else 😆


    I live in Bingley, don’t really think there’s that much difference. Nicer shopping in Ilkley and it’s all a bit quainter and more rural (hense the house price dif), Keighley drags the Aire Valley down a bit, but you can function in the Aire valley without ever setting foot in Keighley. Skipton / Silsden are close enough to Ilkley anyways. AV has a canal which gives nice cycle access up/down the whole valley. Skipton is NY council/Craven District council. Ilkley / Silsden is Bradford Council I believe?? No idea if that means anything significant. Train service to Foster Square will be the same, altho the trains will be more frequent in the AV I think (NB Station is a walk/drive out of Silsden centre).. Skipton is probably a good compromise, altho it’s a bit out on a limb. Peak times, getting into Bradford by car is a nightmare, but would also be from Ilkley I’d imagine.
    MTB is probs about the same overall, altho Bingley has the best doorstep riding than anywhere 😛
    If schools are a factor, look into where kids would go to from Silsden, you don’t want them having to go to Keighley schools IMO.


    Ilkley is also on a direct train line to Bradford so I can’t see any reason there for moving. Unless there’s someone else driving the move…

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Silsden: Cheaper, rougher, shops not great, schools OK, but some nice houses if you’re prepared to look around. OK train links to Leeds, but a bit of a hike/short bike ride to the station, which is out of the centre.

    Skipton: Nice town centre, good pubs/restaurants, bit touristy, good schools (two grammars), easy train links to Leeds/Bradford, more expensive than Silsden. Good variety of housing stock, from terraces to posh stuff.

    Riding: Better from Skipton in my view, you can get out into the South Dales from your door pretty quickly, Silsden options much more limited, or require a longer ride out to reach eg Bingley Bash type stuff.

    I’m in Skipton, in case you hadn’t guessed. Looked at Silsden/Steeton as a possibility, but didn’t fancy it much.

    EDIT: Though when looking at the school issue, it should be noted that the only state comprehensive in Skipton is not going through a good patch, so it’s grammars or possibly bad news, whereas Silsden kids I think get a good chance of going to South Craven School, which is an excellent school.


    thanks guys, Grew up around Addingham and Skipton respectively. Love the area. The reason for move is cant afford Ilkley and to like it,just not for me. Skipton is also kind of expensive and we are exploring other possible areas.


    Premier Icon totalshell

    i moved ilkley to silsden for much the same reasons.. i could buy a much nicer house in silsden and the train links are good not just to leeds bradford but to west coast mainline

    never had an issue with the riding easy to get to the dales.. quick spin by the canal and your in skipton for the dales decent riding on the moors above silsden

    30 years later id still do silsden in prefrence to skipton they even have a half decent non league footy team now

    the teaboy

    I’ve been in Silsden for a couple of years.

    Haven’t found much good off-road riding from the door (help, anyone?!) but the road riding is hard to beat.

    Silsden is a pretty good place to live. Probably the best things going for it are Stefano’s Italian and location – 10mins by car to Ilkley, Skipton or Keighley, easy train links to Leeds/ Bradford/ North West. I bike commuted to Leeds via Otley Chevin 2 days a week – 22 miles each way and ~1h15 to work’s door so was quicker than driving or train.

    We looked at Skipton but it’s a fair bit more expensive in terms of property and train tickets.

    If we’re going out for food, it’s usually Ilkley. If out for drinks we usually head for Skipton.


    I like living on the edge of Cross Hills but wouldn’t like to live in Skipton. It’s to busy and full of tourists. However not having a station is fairly annoying.

    Riding wise there’s very little good legal stuff just out the door but it’s nice enough to pootle along the canal to either Skipton or Bingley and then head up onto the moors. For footpath based fun then Kildwick Moor is great but it’s of limited use at this time of year as it gets a bit boggy.


    Silsden home of trout lights. whats not to like 8)!!

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