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  • pinhead

    Ahhh Flange how’s about meeting up for a ride show you some stuff round Hebbers we ride ? You will love it


    I live in Cornwall but the wife has family in Morley, often thought thats a nice place, has a big village feel to it and not far from open countryside.

    Just a thought, have no idea on commute distances!


    Just moved from London to Ilkley

    Very happy here:

    Amazing road riding from the door
    Great food and pubs
    21 mins to Leeds on train
    Good road club

    demographic is families and older mainly and its expensive no doubt, but we love it.

    your an old chocolatefooter flange right? email me if you want further details!
    Ive lived all over Leeds and it is generally a shite hole. Snobby I know!


    I would not try the commute from sheffield to ls11 It is crap from barnsley/wakefield area all the way into leeds every day. I did it for about 1 year then moved up to wakey area, still work in ls 11 but would not want to live any closer 😯 cant comment on clayton, scisset etc some good rides but …

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Or what andydicko said, I grew up in Shelley, when to school in skelmanthorpe (known locally as Shat, but don’t let that put you off!) really nice part of the world, with decent riding and ace folk.

    Your bro’s been to Shelley, albeit in the dark, ask him about it! 😉 mail me if you’re in the area (or Harrogate) well go for a ride!


    FunkyDunc as pointed out the biggest problem with commuting into Leeds it’s pointless having some great riding on your doorstep if you’re stuck in traffic for hours


    I work mostly in Leeds and live just outside Huddersfield, out towards Holmfirth. The commute into Leeds is tolerable if you can be flexible in your hours. There’s plenty of riding from my front door, and it’s a short drive over to Dark Peak. Some serious road climbs round here if you’re that way inclined (soon to be featured on the Tour de France). When my tenancy’s up for renewal I may look for something down the road in Meltham. Marsden would be great, but might be a bit of stretch for commuting.
    North of the M62 (Hebden, etc) is also nice.
    Pudsey, horsforth, etc are OK if you need to be close to Leeds, but if you want to live in the country side proper, rather than on the outskirts of a city, then you need to get a fair way from Leeds.
    If you want hills then you need to be west of Leeds towards the Pennines.
    If you’re driving in and working normal office hours then it’s a ball ache which ever way you’re coming in. The M62 from Bradford, and the M1 from Wakefield are dire.

    Premier Icon ton

    one good thing about cycling in leeds,
    the A61 out of it heading to wakefield….. 😉

    but on a serious note, cycling into leeds is no fun whatsoever, i do it every day.
    if you live on or near the canal,it aint as bad.


    Otley is great – good pubs, bike shops, bike clubs, great community feel etc. The ride into Leeds ain’t bad to be honest if you’re used to riding in rush hour. Riding from the door is limited but good if you look for the cheeky bits – that said you can do a decent 2hr loop taking in pretty much everything.

    b r

    Working in LS11 and look at a house anywhere north/north-west…, hope you enjoy the commute.

    Best thing would be to spend a week trying the commute from the various areas you’re looking at.

    Lived in Morley, worked in Leeds city centre for 10 years.

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