Moving to Auckland

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  • Moving to Auckland
  • Poopsies

    I’ve just had an offer for a job in Auckland, which I’ve accepted so, visas permitting, I should be out there in April with the family coming after.

    Does anyone know Auckland at all? We’ve been looking at areas to live and have a fairly handy guide, but sometimes it’s eaiser just to ask! We’d need a good school for an 11yo as the basis of any area.

    If Slimtubing is there – are you from Auckland?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Some mates of mine moved out there seven years ago for six months. Never came back. They’ve now got kids. We went out to stay with them a few yeras back. Its a fantastic place to live! And a great place to bring up kids

    They live in Devenport which is across the vbay from the City Centre. Its a top little place. Nice bars, cafes and shops. Their awful journey into work consists of getting a ferry across the bay that drops them off by the office. What a hideous thought eh?

    I’m jealous. You’ll love it!


    I stayed in Takapuna on the north shore, twas lovely.


    I stayed with a mate in Parnell, its very nice. There are a lot of quieter neighbourhoods within walking distance of the centre, I would either go for one of these or look further out and try and get closer to the bay and a bit of biking.

    New Zealand is an amazing place!


    Live out on the North Shore if at all possible, most of Auckland is a bit of a sh!thole to be honest!

    Long drive to the forest too for riding.


    Good work Poopsies

    Me & the missus have done the visa’s and planning for Christchurch in July. Don’t really know Auckland, just wishing good luck.


    It’s more a matter of budget really, property is very expensive in Auckland and that will no doubt limit where you can live. I would suggest going on or and having a look at the prices before getting your heart set on any particular area…


    as b man says its all about budget. Reccomending Devenport and Parnell is like suggesting chelsea is a great place to live in london.

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    I spent a bit of time over there in the summer….

    As others have said, northshore areas are quite nice. However…..the roads in/around auckland are not the best, so if you had to commmute in to the city centre this might take some time (driving). Public transport was ok(ish) if you lived close to the trainline or major bus route.

    I was staying in kingsland, which was quite nice but not sure what would be like to live there.

    Avoid most areas of south auckland to be on the safe side I think (so I’m told)


    live on waiheke island, you’d have to get the ferry in but it’s a nice crossing, place is really nice and relaxed…..slightly more practical would be the north shore.


    Auckland gets bad press but having lived there PT for 2 years its mainly due to the fact that there are lots of little micro-cities within the main area. Because of that it feels a bit souless.
    As said above ^ budget will rule where you can live but house prices are flat/declining and its a buyers market. NZ is a land of renters so you will find some top rental properties which is safer as you find your feet. One word of warning – its rugby world cup year so people are bumping rents through the roof and/or putting people on short leases to get them out before RWC starts and they can cash in on the influx of visitors. Trademe is a good place to scout for rentals as well as local real estate agents.
    You’ll need transport as public transport is a bit random although Akl better than all other cities, Wellington excepted but then it is the best city and sadly you are not living here 😉

    Enjoy, its a lovely place to live esp in the summer we are having as its a boomer.

    dangerous place NZ I wouldnt go


    Thanks for all the replies. Very useful – the north was generally where we were thinking.

    Looks like I’ll have bit more time to scout around than I thought when I get there so will check out recommendations above. Will probably just take the road bike first so I can do some exploring. I’m intending to ride to work as I do here so my only concern with the North is whethe I can get across the bay on my bike as it looks like either congested motorway or ferry to the CBD?

    NZCol – thanks. I’ll be taking a great deal of interest in the RWC. I had heard that rental prices were going up because of that. We were intending to rent but are now selling up here anyway so may look into buying somewhere. TBH – Wellington was my preferred location but all the congestion seems to be in Auckland and that’s what my work involves so need to be based there.

    Luds – all the best to you, too.



    If I had to live in Auckland I would go for some of the bays a bit further north. I have some relatives on the North Shore, I can’t remember the name of the suburb but it looked out on the Chelsea sugar refinery. I went primary school there for a few months while my parents were travelling.

    Anyways, if you need more positives NZ has an excellent state school system, however you pay for health care.

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