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    I moved from shirley to ashurst 6 years ago. Never looked back. Much better for the kids schools etc plus pubs forest etc. Weve got a co op up the road which is handy plus local supermarkets and only 20 mins into southampton.

    Whiteparish is the next level. I lead a ride from there last sunday. Proper village with tiny post office shop. Check out the pubs as both were completely deserted last sunday lunchtime which was wierd. The other one had a sign up saying no food so may have been something on.

    Plenty good riding round there with some good runs off dean hill / pepperbox and the old chalkpit when its really really dry ( think mini redbull stuff! ). Also some good cheeky trails in bentley wood when it dries a bit.

    Your only 10 mins from salisbury by car so plenty of market town stuff there too. Get it done!


    I’ve lived both London and rural Wales and everywhere inbetween,
    Make the move, Just make sure its for the right reasons.


    I moved from essex to that area about 15 years ago. So far, have lived in Salisbury, Fovant, Great Wishford and now Wilton. Gradually I seem to have gravitated to smaller market towns rather than the tiny village. Wilton is good for me, reasonable array of shops plus a class butcher in burcombe. Also has a thursday market to supplement the bi weekly one in salisbury.

    bear in mind that the a36 is the worst route in/out of salisbury. Also another sainsburys is being planned opposite tesco, plus more shopping development there.


    Some good advice to try fit in with country folk on this link.
    I think I first seen it on here last year, it amused me.

    Townie to Country clicky

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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