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  • UrbanHiker

    Hi all,

    I’m looking to have my gas meter moved. Its currently in the corner of the sitting room at floor level. I want it either at celling height, or moved the other side of an internal wall. Just to get it out of the way.

    Is this a job for a plumber? My gas supplier? Bloke down the pub?

    What are my costs going to be?



    Gas company, its illegal for anyone else to work on anything before the meter outlet. How much? you will have to ask them.


    Distribution Network, not your supplier, need to carry out the work, sometimes they are the same company, more often not though.


    Pain and payment come to mind…


    Cheers Wrightyson, just was I was thinking.

    We moved ours from a shelf that was near the ceiling in the hall to outside the front door into one of the white plastic boxes about 10years ago and I am sure it was the Scottish Gas who moved it (their equipment) and I am sure it cost about £500. It only moved down about 7ft and through to other side of wall.

    Premier Icon Tiger6791

    We had to move ours for an extension

    It’s National Grid that do it.

    You can book it all online but needs survey etc.

    Think it cost us about £800 and I dug the new run to save money.

    They were here for about an hour doing it, so £800 seemed a fair price for something that is basically a cartel 🙄

    Ooof. That looks like a big job.


    What Tiger said – very costly – ripoff but you have no choice it’s a monopoly 🙁


    I used questionable tactics to get them to replace the old erm faulty meter then pointed out how it would be safer ont other side of the wall. Outside.with regards my two year old.


    Bout 10 years ago, Transco(?) moved ours, contractor that did it sat in his van & smoked a fat one before buggering off after “completing” the work, had to call them back sharpish to fix the gas leak he’d created in the supply pipe 😯


    Yep Transco they did mine.


    What about if you change suppliers, can you get them to move it free of charge as part of the switch over? Or am I thinking of Sky/BT/someone else altogether?


    I used to plan in domestic gas supplies/moving meters for Transco. But I think Transco got replaced by the National grid. Info here

    Although the work was contracted out, only Transco could authorize moving of a meter.

    About 10 years ago I think it was around £140ish to move a meter. Often its a nice and straight forward job used to give an engineer (used on the loosest terms, defo not the brightest spark, no pun intended) about 3-4 meter moves a day. Though if pipework needs to be replaced then it can take a bit longer, especially if they need to dig in the road.

    We used to have a rough lead time of about 3 weeks once payment was received, though if pipework was needing to be replaced the job would have to be scheduled in again.

    If I remember correctly, changing suppliers didn’t matter as the meter were the same. I think we only replaced old meters for new as and when required.

    Hope it helps

    6 years ago I wanted ours moved from floor level in kitchen to an outside box, directly behind where it was already sat, to aid the kitchen design. They wanted £700 to move it as long as I fitted the box for them and did the brickwork. It’s still where they left if.


    Tell National Grid youre in a flood risk area and ned the meter moved incase water gets into the suply pipe, a major problem for them and your neighbours

    Premier Icon simmy

    My Mums ” gentleman friend ” moved into a council bungalow a couple of years ago and the meter is at floor level in the porch.

    Absolute nightmare as its a card prepayment meter and if he got down to put credit on he wouldn’t be able to get up again.

    Its in a elderly persons bungalow. The council won’t pay for it to be moved as he had the card meter installed as the original was a ordinary meter and national grid want something like £600 to move it higher up.

    I put him credit on every week and make sure he’s enough on. Would be easier if he just had a bill, but he’s stuck in his ways.

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    Mines in the cellar and I’d like it moving.. But for £800, I think ill just buy a cupboard carcass and hide it in that..


    Depends where you are.
    Scotland=Scotland Gas Networks
    Wales & West for errr Wales & West Country
    South & south east means Southern Gas Networks
    United Utilities in north west
    Everywhere else is National Grid.
    They are gas transporters, as distinct from gas suppliers. The former own & operate the pipe network up to valve at the inlet to your meter.
    Standard ‘alter meter position’ charges are used by some if not all transporters. If you have a plastic service to your property it is often a quick, and therefore apparently expensive job. The figures quoted above are of the right order. If you have a steel service pipe from the gas main out in the road to the meter position then this should be replaced in its entirety with a plastic pipe to current specification. This might therefore be seen as a reasonable days work for the cost.
    If your meter is against an outside wall then I would suggest taking it outside in either a surface mounted white box, a brown box at ground level (the most discrete) or a white box let into the outer skin of your external wall. Installation of the latter is by the customer. Also budget for the copper work from the new position to the existing copper. If your existing and proposed meter positions are internal I.e. remote from an external wall then you will have problem, and a survey will probably be required.
    Used to work for Transco, who incidentally don’t exist anymore.

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