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  • Movement on Pace thru Axle forks
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    I’ve got a small amount of movement on a 20mm Pace thru Axle Fork. One of my Pace Thru Axles is rock solid, this one has a small amount of movement. I’ve swapped the hubs over and the axles, so I’m presuming it’s in the lowers somewhere. If you just put the axle through I can’t detect any movement but once the hub is in, it is evident again. It should be fairly simple but I cannot fathom it….. maybe something to do with the gold insert that the axle screws into??? I’ve mailed Pace. They don’t give any handy tips in their reply and invite me to post it off to them for a service. I’m led to believe it’s just had one and it’s suspension function is A1, so I’m not that keen.

    Is there anybody out here who has had similar and can provide a solution?


    I had this problem with one specific set of wheels where the hub seems very slightly too short. I solved this problem by inserting a nylon washer from b&q between the hub and fork. Not elegent but worked. Using the same set of wheels (Rovals) I had the same issue with Magura Thors but not with Pikes. My conclusion is that the way the Maxle works on the Pikes takes in this “slack” that other forks don’t.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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