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  • moved away from a dropper post?
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    Never use for a trail centre as that is up then down then up again so no real need and not worth risking breaking it

    I must admit I thought that was the whole point, that you could go up and down all the time…? Are you saying that if you use it loads you run the risk of it breaking?

    Dies anyone ride in Chilterns who uses a dropper post regularly? Be interested to learn where you think it has advantages.

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    jam bo – Member

    Depends. If its steep, then yes. But we’ve got some pretty fast, flowy DH singletrack round here that I’m fastest down with my saddle up.

    Could you expand on that a bit? Doesn’t make any sense to me, dropper seatpost down doesn’t take away any options so hard to see how it’ll ever be slower.


    not worth risking breaking it

    That sounds like a Crank Brothers customer to me 🙂


    After mine broke (2012 reverb) 4 month from new… I sent it back to fisher, who in fairness fixed everything that was wrong with it… But also sent back a shirt letter saying I should service it more. Bearing in mind it was 4 months old and hardly used..l I kindly asked them to advise me of the service and preventative maintenance regime required to keep it top top… And they never replied.

    So I went back to a fixed post, and never miss the dropper, even on steep stuff riding blind.


    With out a dropper and my seat at prefered riding height i can just get my rear over the seat and low above the back wheel, but a couple of times the twins have taken a hit which can effect concentration not to mention trying to see where your going with tears in your eyes..

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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