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    His comment at the end is exactly what I was thinking while watching 😯


    From BMC website

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    Fair hike back up for another go though.

    Is it just me, or was the first thing he did when he stopped falling, to check his camera? If so, that’s a bit batshitmental. I’d be checking I still had all my limbs attached! I reckon I’d know if my head/helmet wasn’t attached, and frankly wouldn’t give a gnat’s scrotum if the camera was or wasn’t working!

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    sledge must be tiny – couldn’t make it out at all


    Mark is a friend of mine and a very competent mountaineer and member of my mountaineering club. He was out that day with other members of the club when this unfortunate accident occurred. Seeing footage like this when it involves someone you know and like can be very difficult when you realise how close an accident can be to a tragedy.

    Most importantly, Mark survived the slide, although has badly broken one ankle and chipped a bone in another. Within the club we are all too aware that this isn’t always the case. As he is a very talented photographer and camera person, he had his helmet cam on which recorded the incident.

    Mark has be open enough to share the footage with the BMC and MRT for their training purposes and to help us all learn from his experience. Thanks Mark, and get well soon!


    Just seen this video on ITV Day break


    Can’t view this

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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