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  • summitsup

    I am looking at getting some qualifications to be able to take out guided rides. As a starting point i was going to take a mountain leadership course. Has any one got any recommendations for good courses. Also what would be the best type of insurance for doing guided rides ie personal liability etc..

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    If you want to do guided mountain bike rides, then your starting point should be a bike guiding quali (SMBL, MIAS, OTC, etc) not an ML.

    If you have an SMBL, which requires British Cycling membership, then you will automatically have professional insurance.

    For SMBL, I can recommend Jules Fincham up in Aviemore, see

    For an ML, go with Glenmore Lodge or Plas y Brenin.


    Did my summer ML at plas y brenin:

    Excellent course with top instructors + you get afew days wild camping in snowdonia!


    SMBLA is now MBLA they’ve dropped the scottish bit to go nationwide, It’s only when you take out silver or gold membership with British Cycling that you get the insurance.
    There is a list of all the tutors around the country Here

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    Just completed my night riding module with Neil from;
    Very good course with excellently paced delivery.
    Club has already booked him for TCL courses and if enough people are interested we will be doing the expedition module next yr hopefully.

    Neil & Jules(above)work together on various projects apparently.
    Have been on a course with Jules and would defo recommend him as well.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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