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    Right then folks, got a new bike that’s come shod with conti mountain king 2’s in black chilli variety. Now these are the protection versions and im noticing that they are much much stiffer than my 2.2 rubber queens that are in the racesport variety. In all honesty I expected this as im running a 2.2 MK as a rear tyre now on one bike.

    So im wondering if anyone has any experiences with the 2.4 mk2’s against the rq 2.2’s? only reason I ask is the MK’s were especially slippery yesterday on wet cobbles where as I would have had grip with the rq’s I don’t know if its just because they are stiffer though and hence need to be run at lower pressures. Is it worth sticking with them for the bigger carcas (i havnt actually measured them yet btw, might not be a lot in it) or should i swap them out for the rq’s 🙂



    Mountain Kings and Rubber Queens are designed for different conditions. As far as I know, Continental also vary their Black Chili compound between each model of tyre.

    Mountain Kings are meant to be for dryish conditions aren’t they? I use Rubber Queens almost all the time and they are definitely a more intermediate condition tyre. Their forte is wet roots and rocks due to the soft compound of the tyre.

    If you want better traction on slippery surfaces then Rubber Queens will give that.


    RQ should definitely be grippier in theory. Maybe you could try them on and compare/decide for yourself? 🙂

    Premier Icon andybrad

    yea there is always that 🙂


    Been riding a 2.2 BC RQ all summer, and have recently borrowed a bike with 2.4 MKs on. The MKs are definitely a LOT less grippy on slimy rocks.

    Big comfy carcass on the 2.4s though!


    mk 2.4 are too sketchy in wet rock


    I am constantly impressed with my BC rq’s. Except on a road section…..

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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