Mountain biking near Staffordshire

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  • Mountain biking near Staffordshire
  • Usually go to Cannock chase but due to the trails being shut there due to the winds and the damage that they have caused could someone name a good alternative for an intermediate MTB route in the Staffordshire sort of region?

    Many thanks for any replies!

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    My first reply would be… There’s more to Cannock than the marked trails. But I will help otherwise… Where do you want to start and what length are you after?


    Depends how far you are willing to travel:

    Bosley Cloud.
    Goyt Valley
    Macc Forest

    Premier Icon jekkyl

    Yes. As mick suggests…the best riding is on the Peak District border but if you’re south of Cannock you’re looking at a good drive. Just go and have a good thrash up n down the fire roads of Cannock? Have an explore. Probably best over the brocton side rather than behind the monkey…see any tyre tracks? Follow em 😉

    @jekkyl sounds like an idea thanks 🙂

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    I agree. I ride on Cannock Chase one or two times a week. I’ve been doing this for 20 years or more, rarely using the Dog & Monkey, always finding (and sometimes blazing) new trails and often getting completely lost.
    But when it’s as wet as it is at the moment do try to keep away from the really wet and muddy cheeky trails (i.e. stop, turn round and walk out) as it will just ruin both the trail and your ride. And wear out your bike and washing machine.

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    Lots of laps of Hicks Lodge going very fast? (Not a serious suggestion)

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    You could just go and ride the Blue route – plenty of areas/trails to explore just off there.
    You could go over Abrahams Valley towards Brocton.
    Or go and play on the jumps over in the little quarry by the Cadet hut.

    @dirkpitt74 ye that sounds good thanks! If I don’t find any off piste that’s ridable then at least I could just do the blue route!

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    Hanchurch woods? Haven’t been there for 20 years mind. Some trails showing on TF

    @jimmy ok thanks, ye I do love trail forks 🙂


    Most of the damage to Follow the Dog is caused by Storm Forestry England and nothing to do with the wind.

    @kjcc25 ye I know right can’t believe they flattened my ‘cardiac hill alternative’ route!!!

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