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  • longj

    So, I’m working in Delhi at the moment and there are loads of bikes but no one bikes for pleasure. Just to transport to work or carry a ton of luggage around. The only mountain bikes are halfords style nails. Or so I thought. Today I met with a lawyer who was showing me some pics on his phone. One in particular caught my eye – him on a decent looking Giant with helmet, the full gear. It turns out there is a small population of MBers who razz out into the country side on the weekend just like I do back home. And his mate organises tours and can lend me a bike. I didn’t think I believed in fate, but….


    You best be getting out and about then. Post some pics up on here too.

    Premier Icon stewartc

    Out there next month, can you check out the scene as I may take my bike?


    Stewart, I’m not going to be able to check it out before I come back to the UK, but I am returning in March. I’m still sorting out the details.

    Funily enough there’s been an article in the Hindustan times about biking which provided some other options.

    Cyclesutra – looks like road rides early weekend aroumd Delhi although in the picture they have hard tails. Think there’s some sort of Facebook page. There is a contact no 9999595555

    Delhi cycling club – again on road. They say there is 100 miles of cycle lane but I’m yet to see any. More than likely they are taken up with cows munching on rubbish thrown on the side. 099 90 226644

    Delhi cyclists – another Facebook thing . this one mentions off road for a 35 quid charge. 9899162648

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    There’s quite a decent mtb and roadie scene in Mapusa, Goa (pronounced M-apsa), or at least there was when i spent some time out there 10 odd yrs ago, I stopped someone on a pretty high end scott carbon hardtail and soon got invited out on their twice weekly excursions into the countryside and jungle?……..a combination of heat,humidity and flies soon made me realise that i was most definitely not acclimatised despite however many months i’d been in the country.

    Delhi > Goa = vast distance i know but it shows that wherever you go you can get a bike n’ ride.

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