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  • Premier Icon tthew

    There’s a bloke on here who goes by the user name Jedi. Never see a bad word posted about his courses. Hartfordshire way I think. Sure someone will be along in a mo with some personal recommendation for him.

    Premier Icon fadda

    Yep –

    Personal experience – transformed my riding in 5 hours of Tony ( the “jedi” mentioned above) assessing how I ride, then gently taking away the bad bits. You learn a ridiculous amount, without even realising it.

    Well worth the 4 or so hours each way for me.


    Ed Oxley from Great Rock is a fair bit closer to your neck of the woods, and is also very well recommended from what I’ve heard.


    Surely Ed Ox would be better….and by better I mean location wise.


    Yorkshire, gotta be ed Oxley. Gandalf but without a white horse.


    Its hubby’s 40th birthday soon. He has asked for a mountain bike skills course. He does lots of biking and would assume he is at least intermediate if not advanced. We live in Yorkshire. Any advice on good companies & location? Just a day or weekend? Thanks for your thoughts.

    Premier Icon Esme

    Yes, mine got a day with Ed Oxley a couple of years ago.


    Best £80 I ever spent, can’t recommend Alex enough

    Premier Icon SimonR

    Another vote for Ed Oxley – did his Alpine prep course last year – great day out and tidied up a lot of my bad biking habits.



    Totally agree with covertbaz, If Yorkshire based then definitely have a look at ProRide Guides, they teach at Stainburn and Hamsterly, they coach anyone from beginners to Racers as well as being Pro Enduro racers themselves!

    Premier Icon mcnultycop

    Ed is superb, and he’s in Yorkshire. Lovely bloke as well as a great teacher.

    I’ve got a second day with Stu at forestfreeride in a couple of weeks. Good coach in a good location for riding.

    Another vote for Ed Oxley. Top bloke and good teacher.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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