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  • Moulded handle allen keys – Worth the price?
  • Are sets of allen keys with the moulded handles actually worth the price hike over standard L shape allen keys? Im thinking of park ph-1’s and pedros tl pro’s





    The draper expert ones are good too.

    Get the ones with a long and short bits

    I have the torx ones for car work, will pick up the hex ones when I buy tools next.

    Thes can be bougtht for about £20.


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    To be honest, I’ve never seen the need or perceived advantage – including several years spent working as a maintenance engineer!

    They just get in the way. People who like huge tool benches organised to OCD level seem to like them.


    Try , sets of Britool allen and torx at decent prices there, they list them as Power Keys.I,ve been using them in the workshop for years and find them very comfotable to use, much better than T-handle types as you can use them long or short ended.

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    They are bloody great, much better than plain old bent ones imo. But don’t bother with the overpriced Park ones. Go for Icetoolz or similar.


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    Re. stevomcd’s comment, this is my OCD level toolbench 🙂

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    If Bondhus do these tools it’s worth buying theirs as they come with a lifetime guarantee. I have the grouped allen key sets (as in one big piece of plasitc that the keys fold out of) for use everywhere, they last a couple of years then one quick call and i get a new set.

    Thinking of which I could do with some now.

    I think that they are, for certain allen key sizes. I sometimes use mallets and use the 6mm moulded handle and also the disc rotor torx key and find them a lot nicer to use.

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    The moulded grips are alot more comfortable to use, gives the ability to nip bolts up without resorting to a “tommy bar” if access is restricted.

    If you get one with a rack it helps with the OCD !!

    Dezb, its not just me who lost control in the garage then!

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    I have both types (from Park) and tend to use the normal (no plastic moulding) ones the most as I find them generally a bit more convenient. Key thing is really just to buy high quality ones of either type.


    Well I’m more than happy with these chrome vanadium steel ones from Lidl – on sale again from the 16th for £2.45.

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