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  • Motorhome Rental/Trips in Canada for 2014 – anyone been
  • Premier Icon Alex

    We did BC. Flew into Van and stayed here;
    For a couple of nights (jet lag, look around van etc).
    They also have a private RVs for rent, which is cheaper than the commercial sites. Their class A is fantastic, but we took the smaller class C which is still of epic proportions. We paid $130 per day with 150 Km /day included and extra Km were 30 cents/ Km.
    Nice British couple with two daughters. Felt very welcome indeed.

    Premier Icon Alex

    After the unqualified success of my last question re: headphones, I’ve upped the ante for the STW hive-mind. We has a superb NZ holiday in 2008 with a Motorhome mainly around the South Island. Kids were 9 and 7 then. Now we’re going on one last big family holiday before they lose interest in being trapped with their parents and the collected view seems to be Canada which suits me having worked/skied out there a bit.

    Some superb looking trips on the web. Not cheap but that’s to be expected. Really fancy something finishing Vancouver/Whistler way as that must be lovely in the Summer. Not looking to go until July 2014 but trying to get some ideas together for budget/itinerary.

    Any views/experiences?

    Premier Icon sweaman2

    It’s been a while but I might be able to help…. 8)

    Decide how long; decide how much you want to spend. Decide how much time you want to tour vs how much time to do other stuff.

    Kids are 15 and 12? How active are they willing to be?
    e.g Whitewater rafting; sea kayaking; scrambling; climbing; hiking and of course biking.

    My views on campers change if you’re a family of 4… potentially makes more sense but I still think a 5th wheel type set-up is the way forward..



    How long’re you going for? Obviously the #1 rule of North America is be realistic with distances!! Years ago I tried to get from San Francisco to Seattle after getting off a flight to SFO. 26 hours later, on the Greyhound, I realised that < > that far is actually quite a long way on the ground!

    But if you have the time, start in Vancouver, check out Vancouver Island, perhaps head over to Kelowna, Kamloops etc. It’ll be awesome.

    For my sins I’m driving the Dempster Highway this summer, Whitehorse to Inuvik. I reckon there’s a good chance that one of me or the gf may not make it back…

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