Motorcyclists; which roadside assistance provider do you use?

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  • Motorcyclists; which roadside assistance provider do you use?
  • I’m thinking of joining The AA, or something similar, as I am getting increasingly paranoid about punctures.

    What do you do to stop yourself being stranded with a flat?


    Flats are so amature, I get stranded with blown engines and exploded gearboxes!

    I use the RAC, as they’ll recover me whether it’s my car or bike that’s broken.

    I’ve been a member of the AA since I passed my test, never had them out for a motorbike though.
    Punctures are fairly easy to sort at side of road though, I hit a pothole in France 2 days ago which put a split in my brand new rear tyre. Fixed it with an anchovie and some glue, gassed it back up and it’s done another 800 miles since.

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    I have RAC, i’ve only used once in the last 20 years though. My KTM is also covered by their road-side assistance.

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    I use ADAC. They phone the AA up and shout Bavarian-accented demands at them. This covers me and the family in any vehicle, worldwide. Works extraordinarily well.

    Like Weeksy my KTM is also covered by their policy which I think gets the RAC out to me. This is, in my opinion as much use as a metric toolkit in an American car repair shop. Here’s a picture of me and my mates in an abandoned Co Durham Quarry, in the pi$$ing rain while the RAC take 4 hours to get someone to us to fix a puncture.

    We now carry REMA motorcycle puncture kits. These are exactly what the RAC/AA use and are just like scaled up tubeless MTB kits.

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    I’ve been AA forever really through my bank account, but it’s thankfully a long time since I’ve had them out for my motorcycle.

    I also just took insurance with Carole Nash, which includes breakdown in the UK and Europe. (I’ve yet to go into the details of precisely what as I already have AA. )

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    Usually punctures can be plugged and inflated just fine..the big reamer bacon strip type tool with pliers and side cutters is usually sufficient to get away with a roadside fix(we do internal patches as permanent but see bacon strips holding up well too..but we are a garage..)

    Punctures on tubeless tyres are rare and usually can be patched with sealant(goo can) or a bacon strip..and will often hold the life of the tyre..


    Been with both AA and Green Flag. Called both out for a variety of reasons, key snapped off in fuel tank, flat battery, fault on sidestand warning causing engine to cut out when sidestand not down and bike moving fairly rapidly. key and sidestand warning both resulted in being taken home, battery, well jumpstart and a long’ish ride. Happy with both. left GF because got AA cover through bank. left AA because I called them about a dangerous looking bald patch on tyre (wire visible at edge of tyre) and they refused to come out because the “vehicle is not safe to drive” . No sh*t, why do you think I’m calling you? So back to GF. Had an incident with the van and happy with their response.


    *Read GF as Girlfriend. oops.

    I use Start Rescue, their 2-star recovery covers what I need and it’s only £18/year.

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