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  • Motorcyclists; which 1piece waterproof suit should I buy?
  • I usually only ride for pleasure which tends to be mostly fine weather but this year I fancy doing my first extended tour. It will probably be around Scotland, Wales or N France so the chances are that I will need a waterproof of some sort. So I’m looking for something that is quick to put on but will pack small as space on my bike is limited. Oh, and very waterproof too. Any recommendations please?

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    It’s not a one piece but I’ve just got a Oxford Mondial 2 piece suit and have been caught in monsoon like rain and it didn’t let a drop in.

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    I’m also mostly a fine weather rider a s was looking for something for north of Scotland touring. I bought the Oxford Rainseal jacket and trousers, good reviews and cheap. Bought a fluro jacket for visibility and black trousers to deal with road spray. Only worn them a few times but have worked well.
    I was advised not to go with a one piece, fit needs to be bang on and getting on and off can be a pain.


    In my experience (albeit some time back) a one piece waterproof will leak. Much better to get 2 piece. They will pack just as small if not smaller than the 1 piece, be easier to get on and off and keep you drier. I had some Alpinestars set which were perfect.


    I used to have a Rukka and it was brilliant, not sure you can get it over here anymore.

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    In Oz I used to buy Dririder one piece. Cheap, and waterproof in monsoonal rain (as in bucket of water over your head every few seconds rain).

    Leaks at neck hole, wrist holes only problem, but in real rain I don’t know anything that does seals at those points.

    In this climate where we wear more layers, I’d favour a 2 piece suit purely because if it’s easier to get into, you’re more likely to put it on before it is too late. One pieces are a hassle in that regard.

    Interesting, thank you. I’d suggested 1 piece as I assumed it would be more water tight but if separates are better then I shall go for those instead. Anymore suggestions very gratefully received.

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    I used screwfix site waterproof trousers over leathers, cheap and did the job. Waterproof top was a hein gericke job. To get waterproofs on quickly put use a plastic bag over your boot stops it catching on the waterproof.

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