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  • Motorcycling in Alpujarra
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    Having been to Ciclo Montana many times and always thinking: “I really wish I’d ridden here on my KTM” as Marco deftly threads the van along some precipitous mountain road, I’ve finally organised a motorbike trip to the Alpujarra in September. We’re going to get the bikes shipped to Malaga and get an AirBnB in somewhere like Pitres. We’ll then do circular ride-outs from our lair in the hills of between 150-200 miles per day, possibly less as progress is slow when you’re threading along contours, all over 7 days.

    Has anyone ridden around the area? Anywhere we should specifically head to or avoid?

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    I’d specifically avoid the prickly pears whilst motorcycling.😃
    Enjoy! I’ve often thought a supermoto trip there would be awesome. Hot sticky tyres ftw.

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