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  • Motorcycle LED Indicators and Headlights.
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    I got spammed these on FB, and they look pretty good.

    Flowing Motorcycle Indicators
    Sequential Motorcycle Turn Signal Kit

    It got me thinking can I get a brighter LED headlight bulb too? For a 2012 Diversion.

    Premier Icon cr500dom
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    Yep, loads available
    I changed the (Notoriously weak) bulbs in my Caterham to LED H4`s and the difference is quite literally like night and day

    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon
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    Yes and no.

    Yes you can get cheap led h4, h7 etc bulbs.

    They are abysmal.

    The problem is that a filament is a very small point emitting the light, so the reflector and lens produce a beam with a nice sharp cutoff. An LED is much bigger and the result is half of your dipped beam now ends up pointing at oncoming traffic. Therefore they’re not legal.

    There is a Phillips led bulb that is approved, but its a lot of money. Might be worth it on a new car you expect to keep for a long time if the alternative is buying nighbreakers.

    There’s some beam shots here of what happens if you juat use led bulbs off amazon/ebay/wish/aliexpress :

    Are LED Headlight Bulbs the Brightest? (we show you the best)

    Premier Icon drnosh
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    Potential MOT failure.

    MOT tester looks for LED lamps, and if were not fitted as OE, then….Fail

    Premier Icon chewkw
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    No, I cannot see your indicators.

    Not bright enough.

    Premier Icon Merak
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    half of your dipped beam now ends up pointing at oncoming traffic.

    Might as well join the party, it seems like every other car on the road has retina spitting abilities on dipped beam.

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