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  • Motorcycle engine oil – Halfords vs a ‘premium’ brand
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    I change the engine oil quite regularly ie every 5k miles on my Speed Triple 955 (03) and son’s Bandit 600.

    Is there any significant benefit using a premium oil vs bog standard Halfords? Tend to use semi synthetic, and usually 10/40w (I think).


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    I never had any problem with Halford’s finest in my bikes.

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    As long as it meets the specs I’d have thought it would be fine. When I was doing regular 6 monthly oil changes on my car I bought a big 25 litre drum of oil from Opie oils.

    I suppose posher oils may have more additives and anti foaming agents.

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    Out of interest, what’s the cost saving?

    No Halfords where I live, but I put Comp 4 in my ZX14 at 30eur every 6000km. FeuVert own brand is a tenner cheaper – call me naïve but I don’t think I’d risk it. Those motors run very hot though – a different bike (and multiplied by two) and I might consider it.

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