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  • motorbike on pump track at lee quarry
  • lord

    up lee quarry tonight and some prick on a trials bike was on the pump track and that area , tried to call the rozzers on the way down with the number provided on the poster but the service no longer exists , this is a 0845 number , didnt think it was a 999 problem , is there anyother number and is it worth ringing ? i spoke to another rider on the way down who didnt think it was a problem , is it just me . goes for a magners and tries to forget.


    Yes, it is a problem because motorbikes will absolutely trash the tracks and especially the hardpack.


    I saw a similar thing last year except there was 4 of ’em came down the bank on to the pump track to take a half-arsed attempt at riding the tight berms on a long wheelbase trail bike and all with very limited ability. One of them almost beached on his bashguard. It was quite pathetic really, no social skills whatsoever.


    Please do report it use Non-emergency Police number: 0845 1 25 35 45
    they will need as much information about the motor bike as you can give them, reg if they have one on (suprizing number do), make of bike, what the rider was wearing etc. Ask for an incident log number. They are unlikley to come rushing out to catch the motorcyclist but it does help build up a pattern of where and when they are about.If you can get a photo without putting yourself in harms way please do so and send to me. We have an agreement with local trials clubs that riders who persitantly abuse our site will be banned from competitions.It’s suprising how distinctive a riders bike, clothing and style are.


    Sorry to be pedantic cock (he said lying his arse of), pet hate of mine (in fact, one of many):

    Trials bike (for balancing on cars/rocks etc)

    Motocross bike (aka dirt bike)

    Enduro bike (softer long geared MX bike with lights, sometimes road legal)

    Trail bike (road bike made to look like an enduro bike. Will fall apart at first sign of off road use…ask me how I know!)

    Of course it might indeed have been a trials bike, in which case just ignore me!

    Premier Icon antigee


    i welcome you to my local woods to assist me in correctly reporting all off road motor bike activity – my current designations are:
    1/. kids on minimotos probably lost
    2/. kids on pit bikes probably bored
    3/. kids on trials bikes – mum busy bonking guy from bike shop

    all per what the law like to know with/without helmets (includes guy from bike shop when mum has finished)

    4/. older kids on trials bikes racing – nice for them to be out the house doing something
    5/. very well dressed adults who def’ know better on enduro bikes can’t quite make it to somewhere exotic but have lots of leather and gear and aren’t bright enough to remove stickers from their vans before parking up
    6/. rag tag adults on pit bikes hoping you’ll pick on them
    7/. nutters on trials bikes (as above)
    etc etc etc etc
    then there is the quad riders – what is that camouflage s**t all about?

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