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  • Moto GP moving to silverstone
  • Premier Icon gixer.john
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    Moving there from 2010, might be a good circuit for the riders, but it is a shyte circuit for viewing. Far too flat, Donnington and Brands are much better as you can see a lot more of the track from spectator areas.

    Premier Icon nickc
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    But Donny is in the middle of nowhere, and is a shit hole, and Brands is a dump ūüėÄ

    Premier Icon TandemJeremy
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    Be ready for a dull race. IMO silverstone is a boring track that makes for dull racing.

    Premier Icon nickc
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    TJ will never making a motor racing journalist…shocker

    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon
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    next door to the airport/M1/A50/A38 is hardly the middle of nowhere is it? comapred to siverstone anyway which is on a country lane in northamptonshire.

    And im only guessing but the stands may be being replaced soon…………………..

    Premier Icon snaps
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    Donnington is good for veiwing but traffic (mis)management put me off going again after the cock up in 05 the left people stuck in car parks for up to 5 hours!
    Brand is awesome for bike racing ‚Äď was there twice last year for superbikes ‚Äď best circuit in the UK but will never get Moto GP because they can‚Äôt extend the gravel traps to keep the FIM happy.

    Premier Icon 5thElefant
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    Traffic stops me bothering with donnington, even though it’s easy to get to (well, near to).

    Silverstone might be worth a trip.

    Premier Icon r6ymy
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    Brands is a great circuit, always a good atmosphere there, and a natural amphitheatre. Donnington is good for spectators, but crap for getting in/out.
    Silverstone is just terminally dull, I’ll stick with the telly coverage.

    Premier Icon flange
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    I‚Äôve yet to go to a British bike event where I‚Äôve come away feeling anything other than ripped off. Bad food, bad facilities, bad weather (not all their fault admittedly) ‚Äď I won‚Äôt be going back.

    I’d rather have a decent break and go to Jerez

    Premier Icon mboy
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    I’m with R6ymy.

    Silverstone may be better from an organisational point of view since the A43 became a veritable motorway, but its flatness does not lend itself well for spectators. You’re lucky if you can see more than one corner at any point.

    Donnington is a total bitch to get in and out of, but that’s not the point. Is it?

    Premier Icon Purplefunkymonkey
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    Travelled from Scotland to Donington for Moto GP and Brands for WSB for the past 10years and the only one I would never return to is……….. Silverstone (went once for WSB it was teh rubbish).
    Not a good track for the spectator unless you wanna stand at the Luffield complex.
    Brands is excellent apart from all the bloody Londoners. ūüĎŅ
    Donington has major traffic issues and the campsite has become too civilised but still a good weekend and the racing is normally exciting.
    This move could kill Moto GP just as the crowds were starting to grow which is a shame really.
    Take note that the Grand Prix is also moving from Silverstone to Donington Park , this I would like to see.

    da funkster.

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