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    Has anyone stripped one down? Serviced my fork last night and when you turn the knob it doesn’t turn the rod at the bottom which allows the oil to pass through.


    My understanding is that on lower end forks the motion control is factory set and non adjustable (iirc the higher end are externally adjustable).
    as this function controls fork blow out when they are locked out – well the rockshox version of locked out) if you never lock them out i am not sure what real point it serves or whether it would matter if broken. I dont think you can test it either without re building forks lockonmg out and seeing etc.
    Are you decribing the compression knob instead – the blue one roght hand side which should adjust something internally like oil flow?


    yeah thats the motion control damper, you can set it at locked out or fully open or somewhere between if you wish.

    the sram service guide is otherwise excellent but doesn’t really go into the motion control damper in any detail. (perhaps they would rather we bought new ones instead of repairing them?) -find peterpoddy on here and ask him: there used to be something about them on his website with lots of good pictures.


    Junkyard – you’ve got that a little confused, the compression knob controls the size of the oil port on the bottom which can clearly be seen to move on the bottom of the Mo-Co cart. floodgate changes the height of a needle inside (can’t see it) to control blow off.

    not sure how to get a Mo-co cart open without damaging it, would be interested to know though too, if anyone has managed it.


    PP’s guide was only about how to remove the spring that causes a motion control damper designed for a remote lockout to spring into unlocked position by default.

    It’s not that difficult to get the cartridge apart though having taken my revs apart for the first time in two years a couple of nights ago, it really didn’t need any servicing – in fact, I’d argue that the oil didn’t even need replacing as it was still clean…


    IIRC the cart can be taken apart, once you have it out it’s a reverse thread though to get it in bits. I might be making that up though, so I’d check 😛 Memory’s a bit hazy on it (never bothered doing it myself)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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