Most unusual road kill you’ve seen whilst cycling?

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  • Most unusual road kill you’ve seen whilst cycling?
  • UncleFred

    Rock Iguana

    Red Tail Kite with a Mouse still in it’s beak





    Countless Dogs and Cats

    The joys of the living in the BVI.

    Silverpigeon – I’m from Guernsey, where was the Seal?


    Silverpigeon – I’m from Guernsey, where was the Seal?

    On the road that runs alongside Pembroke beach. Like I said I can’t understand how it managed to get over the wall and I’ve never seen the tide come up [/i]thathigh. It’s not even as if it was stormy last night

    Could have walked up the launch ramp I suppose and been hit by a car. Strange though as I didn’t think there were any seals around here.

    Thought it might get a mention in the Guernsey Press – we’re pretty short on decent news here – as you know – but it didn’t


    There’s normally one resident at Portelet in the summer, it’s been there for a few years. Reckon you’re right and it wondered up the slip way.

    You should call the press, that would definetly be a front page.

    “Man Traumatised after early morning encounter with dead seal”

    I blame Lyndon.


    Usual… Deers Badgers Foxes Cats Dogs Rabbits Hedgehogs Birds.

    Unusual… Snake (adder I believe)

    Not Dead and very weird… A Penguin on redcar beach


    An adder,, it was dead but I’ve still never climbed that hill as quickly,,, hate the buggers


    oh yeah, snakes.
    Commuting from Radley station to Oxford Science Park via (??) Sanford Lane, the biggest adder I’ve ever seen. I put it on my rack, but it slipped out of the bungies en route. Shame, as I wanted to put it in my mate’s desk. He got a squashed frog instead.


    I blame Lyndon

    Ahh you mean Lyndon “do you know who I am” Trott.

    Not been here long enough to form a qualified opinion. But he seems a bit a of cock


    Not road kill but trail kill…
    Whilst out walking on the quantocks yeaterday 🙁 i found a dead sheep, all quite common up there, it’s eye’s were pecked out…as i walked passed i noticed it’s rear end had been ripped out, but on closer inspection(yeah yeah i’m wierd) i saw lots of small bones…now having thought about it can only assume it was a still born and the mother died during it’s birth, poor fecker!

    again, how on earth do you kill a dear?

    monkjack maybe, but they dont count.

    While riding along the sea wall there was a body washed up on the beach, Police were there with a dodgy sheet try to cover it from the local press, the poor fella had fallen in the sea 3 days earlier. I also saw an Ibis (not the bike but the bird that gave the bike its name) it had escaped from the local wildlfe park.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    we found a burnt out car with a human skeleton in it on our xmas club ride on the gogmagogs just outside cambridge

    of course on our return lap the rozzers had taped it all off and i doubt they were too pleased by all the 2.1 tread tyre tracks leading up to the car and peering in

    Premier Icon kimbers

    also we hit a dear on a family holiday in scotland, didnt do my dads siera any good nor the dear

    a bull seal washed up on aberystwyth beach one time
    it was huuuuuuge

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