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  • Most & least diverse fLOLtillas of car-park-battleships?
  • Rorschach

    I used to own 6 rigid 700c/29er single speeds (I suspect Taz has that category won now).
    Mostly road bikes these days.


    Who has the most and least diverse quiver of steeds?

    I propose myself for the former: road-race/TT bike, tourer, cargo bike, Brompton, drop bar 29er, ss hardtail, 5″ trailbike and full suss fat bike (I seriously hope this will be broken – probably by some loon with a recumbent or something – note unicycles don’t count, they’re not bikes 😛 )

    I propose stoner for the latter: 8 bikes, all on-ones 😛


    With the lack of interest in my thread I am disappoint.

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    How about this… how many are 29ers?

    Premier Icon tthew

    Well, I’ve not got them now, but at one time, (and all at the same time) I could lave laid claim to a,
    road bike,
    hardtail MTB,
    old post office bike,
    short wheel base/underseat steering recumbent,
    old road bike with a Tricycle conversion axle.
    And a unicycle, (though apparently that doesn’t count).

    Now, single speed CX bike (Genesis Day One), Giant Anthem X and soon to be single speed 29er (Genesis High Latitude)


    Carbon road bike,
    70’s Steel Road bike,
    Steel track bike,
    CX bike,
    long travel Steel Hardtail (sometimes SS),
    Full sus,
    Retro Hardtail,
    Horrific homemade tandem.

    Premier Icon beej

    I own seven inbreds. All geared.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    long-travel ti hardtail with a Rohloff
    belt-drive full suspension singlespeed
    ti ‘cross bike with carbon forks built as a disc-braked road bike (complete with dynamo light)
    ’95 steel Kona rigid singlespeed

    small quiver, but fairly diverse contents….

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge

    I own seven inbreds. All geared.

    My nomination or oddity of the week.


    I have 9 rigid 650B Orange Fives, one for every colour of the rainbow.

    Premier Icon tthew

    I own seven inbreds. All geared

    Would you consider it rude if I asked why?


    Premier Icon mattbee

    What the actual **** is a ‘quiver of steeds’?
    Somtimes I think I’m not odd enough for this forum….

    Premier Icon beej

    I may not be telling the exact truth. I have been drinking.

    However, they are all white.

    (And I now also have no beer in the fridge)

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    cynic-al – Member
    With the lack of interest in my thread I am disappoint.

    Sorry, haven’t finished counting my singlespeeds yet….

    Premier Icon aracer

    unicycles don’t count, they’re not bikes

    You knew I was going to contribute, didn’t you?

    Though I think I have a reasonable entry even so:
    Road bike, TT, winter/tourer/utility road bike, fixed, CX, hardtail, full-sus, tandem (with kiddycranks), turbo trainer bike. Also scoot, single speed and geared kids bikes in the garage along with a kiddy trailer.

    Bah, can’t resist – trials, muni, road unicycles, all singlespeed, and one geared road uni.


    (I suspect Taz has that category won now).

    did have chap, all gone now..I’m down to a paltry two bikes! (just typing that makes me feel a bit faint)


    I have but the one bike. But I love it to bits 🙂 (Not in the way that that bloke got locked up for though).


    Well I used to 😥 . A 20″ folding mountain bike, track bike, SS rigid 29er, road bike, fixed road bike. Dutch shopping bike for errands. Oh and for good measure a kiddyback tandem and a normal tandem, plus a unicycle and a KMX kart.

    Some of those are still in my possession. But now I mainly ride race bike, fixed road and an mtb.


    Wow. I feel quite pedestrian in my collection:

    Ti road bike
    Steel hardtail
    Steel rigid 29er

    and a Specialized Enduro frame in the cupboard looking lonely…


    probably by some loon with a recumbent or something

    Evening 😉

    My personal fleet is (I think):
    Alleweder velomobile
    Speed Ross and StreetMachine recumbents
    Daewoo Shuttle folding bikes (singlespeed and three-speed)
    On-One Tinbred SS
    Tomac Revolver Ti with Rohloff and USE SUB
    Giant NRS Team
    GT RTS-2
    Kona Cindercone with S&S couplings
    Jo Burt’s Slingshot frame, and a Surly unicycle waiting to be built up


    26″ hard tail
    26″ full sus
    Road bike

    Probably a very dull list.


    Jo Burt’s Slingshot frame,

    Could I borrow that to make a keyring?


    Ti rigid 29er rohloff
    Alu 29er ht ss
    Roadrat alfine
    Road bike
    Fixed cross bike
    Thorn raven enduro beater built with rubbish for leaving places..
    On-one 456
    24 inch muni
    Oh and a halfords folding bike locked up in den helder station on the bike racks ! Must have dissolved by now !

    Mines probably least diverse. Although i do want to add another fatty (the 135 sliding jobby and use my rohloff )

    Premier Icon bumps

    Just my Chameleon now.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Cargo Bike (Kona Ute)
    Rigid 29er HT (Niner SIR.9)
    FS 26″ (Ventana El-Ciclon)
    BMX (GT Performer)

    No road bike but thinking of one of them BTWin jobbies from Decathlon, for the odd summer outing.
    If I put the Rebas &/or gears on the Niner I suppose there’s another two categories potentially filled.

    My favourite would be the Ute. 😀

    Mister P

    All 4 of my bikes are steel, no suspension and from one brand so I guess that counts as a bit dull?


    I am looking at putting together another iO but with a bouncy fork just to mix it up a bit.


    Could I borrow that to make a keyring?


    I’ve already got a Mint keyring, but the hands have come off…


    Quiver of steeds!!!
    I should be so lucky..
    I have a bmx and that’s it.. Depressing really considering I’m 40 this year and still have not replaced the mtb since it got pinched so am just left with one bike with tiny wheels.
    Maybe a win on the national today will sort that?

    Premier Icon kimbers

    kona dawg primo 2008
    kona stinky 2006
    kona lava dome 2005 (front sus, may 650b it in the future)
    kona lava dome 1997 (rigid)
    kona bear dee-lux 2002 (my old frame im currently restoring to original travel new bearings etc)

    for diversity
    i have a felt brink bmx cruser too

    the wife has an gt palomar and a comecncal normal

    son has a puky balance bike


    Scum commuter HT
    Broken FS (3y of inactivity and counting)
    WInter road
    Best road
    First ever ‘good’ bike from 1991that I put on retrobike now and again, get offered £40 for it, which is £40 more than its worth, then decide it holds too many memories to sell

    All different brands

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    Dropbar ss 29er.
    Hardtail ss 29er.
    Fat front ss 29er.
    Hardtail 29er.
    Full suss 29er.
    Full suss 26er.
    Hardtail tandem 26er.

    All get used apart from the full suss 26er which hasn’t been out for a while…

    Premier Icon Stoner

    Im hurt. Apart from the Eight On-Ones I also have a Brompton, some ancient falcon commuter thingy and 3x Islabikes in the shed.


    I think I am the most niche on stw

    26er HT and 26er full suss. 😉

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    Diversity of bicycles is a tough one to measure surely it comes down to the number of”Riding Bases” covered in a single shed or Garage…

    My own “Quiver” is just increasing in size
    1 DH bike
    1 4″ forked geared 26″ HT
    1 rigid SS (26″)
    1 4″ forked SS 26″ wheeled jump bike
    1 20″ wheeled BMX
    1 700c Geared road bike
    1 700c fixed/free SS commuter.

    I’m sure there are more diverse collections than mine on STW…

    Premier Icon colournoise

    I definitely don’t have a ‘quiver’ (except those I have for archery) nor any ‘steeds’, but I do have a small collection of not very diverse 26″ bikes.

    1×9 BFe with 150mm forks.
    1×8 Mr Hyde with 100mm forks.
    1×7 Trailstar with 80mm forks.
    And just to mix things up, a 1×1 rigid Lee Cooper.

    Premier Icon stratman

    My collection is also rather mainstream

    Orbit Harrier steel road bike
    Marin IFT hardtail
    Giant Anthem
    Giant Defy carbon road bike

    Only reason for feeling the need to contribute is that my wife and I have his and hers versions of the last two. My strategy for coping with the s-1 aspect of the n+1 rule


    On One 456 summer season
    Intense Uzzi
    Boardman CX
    Kona Honzo (future purchase)

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