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  • Most inappropriate wedding song…
  • TheDTs
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    Not read the whole thread but I did hear an old story of the couple who wanted the music from Robin Hood as the walked down the aisle together. Ahh lovely. What they got was not Canadian Crooner, Brian Adam’s but Errol Flynn’s slightly more uptempo take in Sherwoods finest.

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    Could have been worse:

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    Without any context that may be gleaned by reading the thread, I’m pretty sure “Use My Arsehole As A ****” by Kunt and the Gang is probably top 5 at least.

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    Last wedding I played ( the only one I’ve played) the bride and groom requested

    Little lies- Fleetwood Mac!

    Go your own way- Fleetwood Mac!

    Great songs, the dance floor was rammed with people singing along at the top of their lungs.

    They are still together 6 years on so fine, weird but fine!

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    Highway to Hell

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    You’re in Love with a Psycho – Kasabian

    She’s got issues – The Offspring

    Ain’t no pleasing you – Chaz & Dave

    Rabbit – Chaz & Dave

    I already forgot everything you said – The Dig

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    You’re the one for me, Fatty, by Mozza

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    Woman loose weight by morcheba?

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    Years ago one of the draughtsmen at a place I worked at got remarried. I got invited to the evening do. The song that he selected for their first dance – I sh*t you not – was ‘You’ve lost that lovin’ feelin” by the Righteous Brothers.


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    I DJ for weddings, most interesting choice I have seen on a couples playlist was…

    No Vaseline – Ice Cube (brides choice no joke!)

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    Oysterband – Blood Wedding

    do you take this woman?
    I  said yes I do
    I love her like crazy
    and I think she loves me too
    but we’ll do without the family
    if it’s all the same to you
    happy ever after

    your mother is a flake
    my father’s full of shite
    your sister says you married me
    in white just for spite
    well a party’s not a party
    till it ends up in a fight
    happy ever after

    There’s another few verses in the same vein, including

    and the best man is the worst man,
    the best man is a beast
    underneath the table
    with the sister of the priest
    the way he’s going at it
    she is probably deceased
    happy ever after


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    I got the DJ at our wedding to play the intro to ugly kid joe’s everything about you then cut into our actual first dance song. Nearly 20 years later the missus still give me the same disapproving look.

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    Not the first dance but we walked out the church to jimi Hendrix version of All along the watchtower… There must be some way out of here 🤣

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    Someone beat me to Oysterband – Blood Wedding, but another bit of misinterpreted genius had a mate wanting REM – The One I Love played at his wedding, until someone pointed out the “this one goes out to the one I left behind…” part

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    I take it we’ve had ‘It’s All Over Now’

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    Mrs Sandwich thought this would be a brilliant wedding party song until the chorus!

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    I’ll just suggest this.
    Nothing Compares 2 U.

    Or Troy.

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    Don’t think this would go down too well in general…


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    C*m all over your f*cking face by the Spermbirds for me.

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    Watched The Wedding Singer the other night so this is an obvious one

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    Sometimes wish this has been played…

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    Too Drunk to **** – Dead Kennedys

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    Loving Offspring, Panic at the Disco and BfS.

    I nominate ‘No Children’ by the Mountain Goats.

    “In my life, I hope I lie
    And tell everyone you were a good wife
    And I hope you die
    I hope we both die”

    ‘The River’ by Bruce Springsteen.

    “Then I got Mary pregnant
    And man that was all she wrote
    And for my nineteenth birthday
    I got a union card and a wedding coat
    We went down to the courthouse
    And the judge put it all to rest
    No wedding day smiles, no walk down the aisle
    No flowers, no wedding dress”

    ‘Girls’ by the Beastie Boys.

    “I hope she’ll say
    “Hey, me and you should hit the hay”
    I asked her out, she said “No way”
    I should of probably guessed their gay
    So I broke north with no delay
    I heard she moved real far away
    That was two years ago this May
    I seen her just the other day
    Jockin’ Mike D to my dismay”

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    My first wife requested her favourite song, “Living next door to Alice”

    The DJ didnt have her favourite song. He did however have the Chubby Brown version.

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    Gold Digger – Kanye

    You shook me all night long – AC/DC

    Another one Bites the Dust – Queen

    Fat bottomed girls – Queen

    White Wedding – Billy Idol

    Smack my bitch up – The Prodigy

    It wasn’t me – Shaggy

    Shut up and let me go – The Ting Tings

    I said I loved you but I lied – Michael Bolton

    I want to know what love is – Foreigner

    Nothing ever lasts forever – Echo & the Bunnymen

    What’s love got to do with it – Tina Turner

    Love is a battlefield – Pat Benatar

    F.E.A.R – Ian Brown

    Don’t look back in anger – Oasis

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