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  • CountZero

    I don’t think I’ve ever paid more than £150 for any particular item of clothing. I don’t count eyewear, I’ve spent £260 on lenses, but they’re not clothing.
    Thing is, I’ve got a bunch of pretty expensive jackets and coats, but all of them have been bought in sales. I guess the most expensive is a Spyke leather bike jacket, which I saw in a Sunday supplement, and tried to get one about eighteen months later, as a birthday pressy to myself, and every dealer refunded my money, when they found the jacket was no longer being imported from Italy. Four I tried, including the manufacturer, before I found a dealer in Swindon selling off warehouse stock. Finally got one for £175, 50% off. I got a Barbour Stockman for 50% off, too, as well as various waterproof bike and cold-weather, snowboard jackets. Cheap’s good, when it’s an expensive item in the first place, and will last for years, properly looked after.


    £725 on a stone island coat from harrods. And that was 14 years ago!!!

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    £1,100 for made to measure suit with 3 pairs of trousers, I still use the place in Singapore. Wore it to my daughters wedding, had considered buying something new but to be honest its still immaculate. Handmade trousers there are £100 and cheaper than off the peg designer stuff.

    Probably biggest fail has been £300 for Crocket and Jones shoes, less comfortable than Russell and Bromley at half price or Dr M shoes for £75 worn every day for commuting. Pity there isn’t a second hand maket for shoes or I’d sell them.

    I don’t buy expensive bike stuff in generel but given my riding ability I thought £120 for a POC helmet was well worth it.

    £120 on a pair of shimano road shoes.


    North Face 3 in one jacket for £180.

    drysuit around £750.


    Only up to £600 for suits but don’t need them for work so I see them as going out wear not something I’m forced to buy lots of for work.
    But do spend a bit on shoes like Trickers at £360-£380 a pair but i see them as saving money as they last so long (just realised I own 6 different pairs of brogues)
    Did buy a Missoni scarf for £140 a long time ago which seemed excessive at the time as it was more than a days wages back then but I still wear it.
    Got a thing for selvage denim which usually means £100-150 but again they last a long time.
    Some people will find that excessive but I like to be smart for work/meetings which is important if you are selling an aesthetic.
    Got a £100 lanvin tie but it was £9 in TK-MaXx 😆

    Lots of castelli, le-col and rapha but I pay trade or less for that.


    Patrick Cox shoes in the early 90’s was a bit of a stupid move at the time. I think they were £180 ish which was a lot of my wages at the time, come to think of it, it still is now 😯 I probably wore them about 3 times

    Apart from that, gore tex jacket at £230

    I usually try and get most things in sales. I think we are good at sales in this country


    Spent 300 on a pair of leather lined wellies but they see daily use and are sooooooo comfy, also will last many years.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    £680 Prada double breasted jacked. Nob!


    Does a watch count? Spent into 5 figures on a watch…. otherwise about a grand on a leather jacket. oh and about 1200 on a kilt + etc but that’s really a full outfit.

    Premier Icon stewartc

    Have been lucky in that my best buddy was a tailor on Savile Row for a while so got some very expensive suits for trade prices, I guess the most I have paid away from that for a nice bespoke in Hong Kong at 600GBP.
    Expensive for a suit in HK but it was very good material, a nice silk cotton mix.


    kilt(only)500 quid – we had trouble finding the mill that did the weave the rest of my family have.

    still got to order my jackets but im more annoyed by the wait than the cost – 6 weeks for each one 🙁

    Nothing to match any of the above, but most expensive pair of jeans I’ve bought was £110 iirc

    Premier Icon metalheart

    A pair of Daytona m/c boots (£349 RRP).

    None of the other at least a dozen other (cheaper) boots were even comfy…. 😥


    Blimey, I may spend a lot on food.

    But clothing, I’m obviously a tight fisted git.

    Motorbike jacket at a guess, no idea what it cost.

    Edric 64

    £110 for my Carnac race shoes in 1995 still being used so rather good value

    £150 for my North Face down jacket


    Bregante, think we know the same guy! I was about to put exactly the same for my most expensive item…

    Premier Icon cobrakai

    I have a thing for jackets which can be pricey. Rab for climbing, Eider for skiing and McQueen Barbour jacket. All +£300. Every other piece of clothing I have though, I’ve had for years. Most of my jeans are so old and worn that their see through.


    Arc’teryx Alpha SV £450 (been through 2 of them) Got the trousers too £400


    I try and find bargains for regular clothing, but I don’t scrimp on riding kit, howies waterproof was £150 in the sale, on a deluge ride in wales, I didn’t get wet, everyone else was soaked to skin


    Wow – astonished at some of the money spent on clothes, particularly shoes.

    Don’t think I’ve spent more than £60 on any day to day clothing item but outdoor stuff…..that’s another issue. Good functional gear is worth paying for.

    Most expensive will probably be my ski-touring boots at £250ish


    Possibly back in 1984! When I was sailing for a ‘living’ and just before my first Trans Atlantic, a set of Musto Ocean’s that cost then IIRC £350.

    At the time, that equated to several months’ pay! Excellent bit of kit that lasted me the remaining 5 years of my full time sailing life.

    Premier Icon Bregante

    Bregante, think we know the same guy! I was about to put exactly the same for my most expensive item…

    Not unless he’s had a sex change!


    Around £500 for a tailored suit with two pairs of trousers which is around 5 years old and still going strong. I need one good one and the rest come from those cheap discount suit places you see all over the city.

    Premier Icon paladin

    trail_rat – Member
    kilt(only)500 quid

    Recently paid £175 and a bottle of spicy rum to have one made. 😆

    Premier Icon binners

    My diamond encrusted Speedo’s were a bit steep at half a million quid, But well worth it. You should see me strutting down the beach in Sitges

    Premier Icon ton

    i reckon if something is gonna be worn a lot, like bike shoes for commuting, which are worn 5 days a week, and hopefully will last a few years, then a couple of hundred quid is ok.
    i got some new tricker boots a couple of month back, my old ones were over 10yrs old.
    i went and paid for a made to measure tweed jacket yesterday, £350 and it brought tears to my eyes.
    i see it as a bit of a getting older and more sensible present to myself…… 8)

    My diamond encrusted Speedo’s were a bit steep at half a million quid, But well worth it. You should see me strutting down the beach in Sitges

    I have, and I still go a little goey everytime I think of it. 😳

    Premier Icon DezB

    Wedding suit here too – none of your trendy designer labels – I had it hand made by a Navy tailor (my brother was in, not me!). Also a waistecoat to go with it, hand made by a company in Savile Row.
    Too long ago to remember how much, but was the 80s so will never be worn again. Still got the rubbish though. Pah.


    Leather motorcycle jacket for £300 but there is a lot to it with amour and a lot of leather – I am a bit lad 😆


    Discounting suits (more than one item), probably my tailored Irvine Flying Jacket. With pockets (sorry, yes I know, sacrilege, I’m a peasant!). Can’t remember how much I paid.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Furygan motorbike jacket, £360. Gave me palpitations but it is lovely, and impervious to all harm.


    Motorbike leathers, 600 quid, 15 years ago.
    Motorbike Goretex suit, 560


    I’m a sucker for shoes & clothes, most expensive has to be Churches Brogues.. Then I bought some Wolverine Brogues a day later so that’ll be £400 then £350..


    Oh paladin i could have got it much cheaper buy i wanted a specific tartan made in a specific way – not all kilts are equal 🙂

    Premier Icon kcal

    hm, kilt + jacket + sporran, belt – 30 years ago, can’t have been cheap but gift from my folks – wore it to graduation and countless times since, not even had to be let out – result!

    nice tweed jacket, £250 I think; not used that often enough yet.

    £120 for pair of brogues (Church’s I think), 25 years ago – however still have them and they fit like a glove, look just right..

    recently — not much, even my interview (my only) suit was paid for by the DSS about 8/9 years ago!


    I bought a Allsaints coat for £150 in the sale a few years back.

    Love it.


    Kilt here too


    all my expensive clothes are cycling related

    Lake boots
    Stealth jacket and trousers

    My kilt was bought for me but that was £400

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