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  • Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    TooTall – Member
    Alpaccas – several fields of them.
    Black roe deer
    Red kites

    Can I ask about the black roe deer? Are you certain they were roe?

    Premier Icon Andy R

    A wallaby – well, I’ve seen several over the years. There’s quite a scutch of them living in the forestry around Ballaugh.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    USA (calif):rattlesnake, tarantula – both basking (separately!) on the trail I was riding
    some giant scary eagley vulturey things that seemed to think I might turn into a meal at some point as they “followed me” for quite a while

    UK: Once raced a badger down about 20m of trial
    passed within about 2ft of a pair of fighting deer on a nightride (didn’t even notice us)
    Ditch full of about a dozen squabbling wild(ish) piglets. Weird until we got close enough to see WTF it actually was


    All in (n wexford/s wicklow)

    Red Kite, Buzzards, Deer, Hares, Grey Crows, red squirrels – pretty much every spin
    Common lizard, Stoat, Jay, Sparrowhawk, long tailed tits – just the once – oh and was once surrounded by a massive flock of redwings and fieldfares.
    Badgers – only dead.

    Oh and wallabies once in the peak district but that was when I was a scout on a hike, dunno if they are still there.


    Llamma’s and Emu’s – this was on a road ride 10 miles south of Birmingham city centre


    Basking Shark whilst riding on a lovely singletrack on the E coast of Arran, it was about 10m off shore and easily visible in the clear water. It swam along side us for a fair while. Guessing it was about 5m long.


    pistonbroke – Member

    Basking Shark whilst riding on a lovely singletrack on the E coast of Arran, it was about 10m off shore and easily visible in the clear water. It swam along side us for a fair while. Guessing it was about 5m long.

    Now that would be cool to see

    Still waiting to spot a wild Bore in the FOD 😉

    Premier Icon Bregante

    I saw a pair of Golden Eagles in the Neige Catalans area of the Pyrenees a few years ago. They were only about 20 or 30 feet away, flying along side us for about a minute. Made it pretty hard to concentrate on where we were going.


    I saw a lovely girl in a bikini riding along the SDW once if that counts 🙂

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    chased a kangaroo down the singletrack near Castlemaine, VIC

    Run over an Eastern Brown snake too (very poisonous), flicked it up with my front wheel, luckily it didn’t cling onto anything…

    Chased badgers and owls many times back here in blighty.


    A troop of baboons. (Tokai Forest, Cape Town)



    black bears in whistler, far to close for comfort
    black bears, ground hog, wild turkey, in vernon new jersey
    osprey, marmots, in morzine ish


    green wood pecker (wednesday)
    white squirrel
    water vole
    suicidal rabbits 😯


    A wallaby, bearing in mind that this was in Essex… Apparently there’s a small community of them thriving in the wild having escaped from a zoo. Althouhg I had been drinking the night before I have another witness to.

    Also there’s the obligatory white hart, stoats, weasels, llamas and a very tame looking badger who seemed utterly perplexed as to what I was doing on a bike at that time of day.

    Premier Icon Andy

    Had a badger run alongside me for 20ft. he was trying to get past, I was trying to sprint away. 😡 They do grunt!

    The night turned orange with white spots whena Fallow stag jumped across a gulley I was descending at speed, seemingly millemetres from my handle bars 😯

    Watched a barn owl hunting over a field on the way home from work, and then saw its mate freshly hit on the road 😥

    A pair of Eagles on Skye was pretty spectacular last summer.

    Borrowed a hire bike in Vic falls to ride along the river. Got there and was advised by a nervous ranger to go back to Vic Falls as two lionesses had come out of the bush early to hunt. Didn’t see the lionesses but rode through a troop of baboons, past some elephants and would have overtaken Chris Hoy, had he been there, to get back to the Town.


    Two stags and a fox on last night’s Quantocks ride, there used to be camels in a paddock on the route of my commute and an ostrich farm a couple of miles from here.


    I saw a family of wild boar, mum dad 1 adolescent and about 7 piglets, off of the back of les houches on my way to st gervais, it was amazing they didnt see me for about 10 seconds then they all just took off (not in to the air) into some bushes, big bushes, and they went through them like they werent there. Also seen bears around whistler and squalmish but you sort of expect them there, the wild boars were a total suprise and something i will always remember. Saw a stoat on thursday morning, which was nice.


    Roadies, most **** peculiar things I have ever seen…!


    I saw a squirrel.

    Premier Icon PeteG55

    Saw a couple of Hares boxing in a field on my commute to work the other morning, also nearly crashed into one on the road bike this evening as it ran across the road in front of me.


    Moose here in Sweden.
    Nothing can prepare you for how big these feckers are when they decide to meander out of the woods and cross in front of you…


    Coule of coyotes in the San Diego hills. A deer jumped out of a hedge and missed me by inches, frightened the life out of me.


    Badgers, deer around Brizzle
    Boar in the FoD
    **** massive goanna (lace monitor) in Ourimbah, N of Sydney. Like a bloody dinosaur it was!


    Saw a mouse eating a banana while I was walking the dog yesterday- looked at us and carried on munching

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Never did catch up with them but we saw the tracks of some heffalumps and woozles one time at Glentress.

    mr plow

    Black adder on Ben Lomond last year.

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