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  • Most desired frame?
  • chris36860

    Same as the OP – Santa Cruz Nomad. I ordered one 5 weeks ago and It STILL hasn’t turned up!! It’s waiting to be ‘processed’ at Jungle!!! Come on people – I’m pulling my hair out here!!!

    Premier Icon edhornby

    Carbon niner with matching rigid fork mmmmm



    Sola Ti. With 650 wheels for me, where money is no object.

    The Demon is beautiful though.

    Premier Icon mattjg

    Right now, probably a Kinesis Maxlight Sync in medium (29er).

    But that’s this week.

    Premier Icon fathomer

    matther01 – Member
    Ti Soul…if such a thing were to exist.

    The Ti Soda did till a couple of years ago.

    Mine’s a SC Blur TRc, which I was lucky enough to get for a steal a couple of months ago and it rides just as well as I remember the one I demoed last year.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    right now Im wanting a kona process 153 but sadly the dont seem to be out yet 🙁


    another one for the kona process 153, quite like the last herb and cube fritzz too though!
    Maybe in a year or two *sigh*

    Premier Icon Tracey

    I Ache
    Just managed to win a Specialized RP23 on Ebay to swap for the RP2 on Kevins Enduro. Abigale has been riding it whilst her Reign is in the bike shop for a multitude of repairs from our Alps trip. Somehow I dont think she is going to give it back to him.


    I wouldn’t give it back to him. They are absolutely brilliant bikes.

Viewing 9 posts - 41 through 49 (of 49 total)

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