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  • Most blatant rip off bike item.Your suggestions?
  • Shack

    Thomson steerer clamp kit: CRC £36 Only paid £45 fo the stem. Looked for one a few months back and they were only £15, should have bought it then! Still only $18 in the states!


    Mr Agreeable.

    Decathlon do a bladder cleaning kit which has everything you need in it for £6/£7 i think.

    I have one and got one for my mate also. It has the slinky long hose brush and works great. The camelbak one is waaaay too expensive.


    £27 for a pair of Shimano pads??????. Thats the best part of £60 to do a bike.
    You can probably buy car ones for less.

    Premier Icon Richie_B

    Shimano makes a fairly wide selection of tools. But every time they come out with a new bit or update an old one amazingly you have to buy a new tool to fit/fettle it (Even campag manage to design bits compatible with existing tools).


    How about those little pins for joining Shimano chains? £1 each at my LBS:-best bit of marketing for SRAM ever

    Premier Icon Mr Agreeable

    £30 ish for two bit of plastic tube,aka brake hose

    That’s nothing, a bloke down the road wants £100,000 for a giant brick box. 😉


    Crank Bros Joplin/Maverick Speedball – why???

    ps Ive had one & I cant for the life of me think why I would buy another one again..


    Said it before and I’ll say it again – camelbaks.


    £12 for 50ml of mineral oil,isn`t expensive then? You can buy 100ml of Bikehuts own for a fiver….

    Incidentally I’ve tried, in 2 different brake sets, bog standard no-name engine oil and veg oil and had no problems with either, both turn up at between 2.50 and £5 a litre. However I’m reliably informed that pharmacists will sell pure light mineral oil for buttons too, putting bikehut to shame.

    Premier Icon captain_bastard

    i know this a bit ‘back in the day’ but the Tioga disc wheel must be the all time rip off

    it cost around £600 for a wheel (i think). This didn’t actually include the hub or rim – what you got for your cash was a ball of kevlar string, 36 spoke nipples and 2 round sheets of plastic to stick over the kevlar string

    and they were crap (even if JT did ride em) – I wonder if Tioga actually ever sold one?


    Titanium frames.


    Rockshox rebound adjuster £16.95 for half a small allen key shoved in a piece of plastic 😯


    Anything from SCHWALBE. Why are there paper thin tyres so much??


    Just paid a tenner for a pawl for my free hub!

    Premier Icon nickc

    Bear in mind folks that if you’re comparing stuff against what most bikes have, then even Deore level equipment is pretty high end. Walk down a line of “normal” bikes, outside say a supermarket, and you’d be hard pressed to see anything other than generic steel stamped parts. Deore stuff is pretty cheap, and based on the comparison I’ve just said, anything from Deore upwards falls into the “expert/professional” level for most people.

    Santa Cruz frames are a **** rip off though…

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Back to Camelbak, they sell sterilising tablets, 3 for £10. You can buy 24 for £1.99 in any high street chemists…
    Same with their cleaning kits, an old coat hanger and a couple of bottle brushes work just as well for 1/10th the price.


    Any of those tubeless kits at £50+ when a Tesco BMX inner tube costs £1.25. Anything Yumeya. I thought skiing was bad for brand name madness till I started mtb’ing. It’s all a massive rip off. Devs, proud wearer of Aldi gear since 2007. Got crap gear and no idea, but go on nice hols and drink sh!t loads cos I can afford it!


    Chris King ‘Fun-Bolts’. £35. Jesus wept.

    Finally the Yanks understand irony with the term ‘fun’.

    Premier Icon rockthreegozy

    radoggair – Member

    Anything from SCHWALBE. Why are there paper thin tyres so much

    Their tubes are the best tubes I’ve ever used.


    you crash and break the lever on your poplock, you have to buy the whole kit, at £75! Yes i’m talking to you Rockshock, it called thievery.


    Rapha Bidon, water bottle to you and me. £10!!! FFS. They are made by Elite who incredibly manage to make a profit on them selling them at around the £4 mark. How do Rapha do it?


    Drinks bottles! £3 to £10…… Evian do a nice one for 99p with a free drink included


    Oh the irony of someone using an Evian bottle to show how expensive bike bottles are – it is still only water, yeah?!!

    Will… 🙂

    I don’t get the santa cruz comments, heckler is 1200 quid, similar to all the other high end frames. Wasn’t Ellsworth the STW ‘all the gear no idea’ brand of choice? 😉

    My vote is this DT Swiss carbon rim – 400 quid in the sale (for one).

    Anyway, “normal” bikes are as good a value as they’ve ever been. I’m not panicing. Bikings fun on any bike.


    Headset presses and bike scales, both about £60 a pop, bargain. The bike scales are particularly bad, has no company thought to rebrand a well made Chinese ripoff?


    trek genius. £8000.


    Yep Santa Cruz prices stand up (a little more pricey but not a rip off) when compared to other top end bikes: Chameleon £599, Pace 305 £549, Whyte 19 £549. Not sure what the anti SC vibe is all about.

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